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Why People Are Chutiya? Essay

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Shannon model and social model
Look at the message itself and think about the idea in message itself. How message is constructed? How media content constructed?
Talking about process… process can be also of :

“Signification” - The process of creating “signs” – (anything that you can read meaning into)

Semiology or semiotics: the study of signs and sign systems(understanding of sign)

|Signifier what we see |Signified what is in our head |
|Sign anything we can make meaning of |

Words are also signs
The thing you see (hear, feel, etc.) – signifier -- and what the thing you see (hear, feel, etc.) stands for -- signified; (also ...view middle of the document...

What the content influence or person do. Decenter the author

• Structuralism(meaning is being imposed upon us), Semiotics (look at the text itself), and Post-structuralism (doesn’t matter what history or text itself is what important is the history of decoder, talk about how meaning is made): emphasis not on the personal, but on the larger social context/structure (history)

• Political economy: emphasizes the ways in which political and economic forces enable and constrain the production, distribution, and consumption of media messages why is the simpson on the cbc? Bcoz of economic reason (money).
So author write in a way to meet a commercial television program to earn money eg of Simpson when pulled by police

• Discourse Analysis: focuses on how language, as a system of representation, provides us with a particular perspective or position in the world. (Language of news {you will look for news not the history}, language of love, discourse of texting)

Four different takes on how meaning is put into messages or how content is generated.

A couple perspectives on content itself:

• Content Analysis: Simple analysis of ideas in a message. (Counts words, images, sources, etc.)

• Media Form Analysis (Medium Theory): Considers how the form of communication structures/determines the content. (eg. TV = images; radio = aural; advertising, inverted pyramid news story, music videos, investigative TV reports all provide specific form)

Media and Audiences (Decoding)


• Effects Research (1930’s -); Looked direct media effect on audience members (S->R) aka. hypodermic needle model; transportation model

Never proved anything. Why?

But persists thru perspectives today...

e.g. i) Media and Violence (esp. children and teenagers)

ii) Agenda Setting Perspective... (less direct) the media doesn't tell us what to think, but it tells us what to think about
Media tells us what to think...

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