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Why Physical Education Should Not Be Mandatory In College

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I firmly believe that gym class should not be a mandatory part of a college schedule. Simply put, I think this in large part due to the fact that other venues and activities exist for the opportunity to get oneself in shape, as well as the point that why should a student be made to take a class when he is paying a lot of money out of his or her own pocket for their tuition? He or she should be given their own choice when it comes to taking a physical education course of any kind. While the opportunity to take the class should remain, the choice to make such a class mandatory is imprudent and arbitrary, at best.
If someone wishes to get themselves in shape, they can find the time to go to a gym, or find the time to run a track. As busy as a student’s life is, it is not so busy that some time cannot be put aside for their own health and physical well ...view middle of the document...

College is extraordinarily expensive. As the number of college applicants applying to universities across the country continues to skyrocket, as does the tuition costs associated with going to college. In fact, this college plans upon raising its tuition for the upcoming Fall 2008 semester to fifteen thousand six hundred dollars. You would think that if you are paying that much money in order to attend a good school that you would be given some sort of liberty in what kind of classes you wish to take. However, there are already certain requirements throughout all schools that prevent students from taking all the classes they want as soon as they begin. Students must take a certain number of, “core classes” in order the graduate on time. Making physical education courses mandatory would further add another core class to the list and thusly making it even more difficult to schedule the time necessary to take a class that you would want to participate in. A physical education course can be a good thing for some students, but not for others. That is why it should be optional. Some wish to have the time to exercise during school hours, others don’t. Again, why should students be forced to take this class when it is not really necessary? This is not a class that can be deemed as essential for the advancement of the students through their college years in an academic sense, so the question is rhetorical.
It is in my humble opinion that a student who pays their way through college or has earned a scholarship should have the right to choose what classes they wish to take. The class should not just be simply thrust upon them because someone thinks it is what’s best for them. That in where the truth lies: it is a good decision for some students. That is why I am a proponent of giving students the option of taking a physical education class as opposed to mandating that all students must take one.

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