Why Project Fail Essay

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5 example of the why project fail

1: State of California - California, USA
Project type : Payroll and benefits system
Project name : 21st Century Project (MyCalPAYS) 
Date : Feb 2013  Cost :$254M

Synopsis :
As with many large organizations, the state of California has over the years built up a complex interconnected set of IT systems to support their daily operations. Managing multiple systems can however be costly. There is often duplicated data spread across different databases, complex business processes to help bridge between systems and elevated maintenance and training costs. As has been the trend for the past 15 years, the State of California decided to integrate their ...view middle of the document...

 Staff are unfamiliar with how to use the system, the data collected through the system is of questionable value and failure to understand operating environment in which the system would function resulted in equipment that failed under the extreme temperatures that are not uncommon in the area.
Contributing factors as reported in the press:
Lack of oversight, faulty equipment, poor training, underestimation of complexity, ineffective procurement practices.

3: US Army - USA
Project type : Design and deploy new uniforms
Project name : Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP)
Date : Jun 2012 Cost :$5B
Synopsis :
After several years of use the US Army elects to ditch its Universal Camouflage Pattern uniforms because they make troops easier to see rather than less easy to see. Designed to be a standard uniform that would provide camouflage in a wide range of terrains, soldiers who used the uniforms reported that the gray-green pixilated design stood out almost everywhere it was worn. Industry experts called the $5B project a “fiasco“. Reports indicate that key design decisions were made by senior military leadership rather than those who had the depth of expertise. Unsubstantiated reports in the press indicate that some key decisions were overly influenced by a desire to have uniforms that were more “cool” than the US Marines.
Contributing factors as reported in the press:
Politics and poor decisions making. Recommendations of Subject Matter Experts overridden by Senior Management due to politics and poor judgment.

4: Rate Collection Agency – Northern Island
Project name : Abbacus
Date : Jun 2008 Cost :$260M USD
Synopsis :
Problems with local property tax (“property rates”) collection system result in $260M worth of payments going uncollected.  Calculation errors result in one person receiving a disability allowance of £2.9M.  System lacked basic functions such as the ability to send late payment notices or initiating collection proceedings if payment not received.  Audit...

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