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Why Project Management? Essay

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Project Management has become increasingly important for any corporation, organization, government agency, and even small businesses in the last couple of decades. Project Management, as defined in the text, is the application of knowledge, skills, and techniques to accomplish projects successfully and proficiently. It is a tool utilized to keep projects and its tasks organized, but if not used correctly, can bring down the entire project operation. I have witnessed, first hand, a Project Manager (PM) accomplishing his goals and tasks successfully for a particular project. Everything was running like a well oiled machine, when what I can only explain as “a god ...view middle of the document...

The scope needs to be defined accurately because certain tasks can only begin and/or complete based upon the completion of other tasks. The scope of a project cannot be elusive otherwise the project tasks will become poor in quality and lack substance to the end results. Being unclear with the project’s scope can cause scope creep. If the client expects certain results and feels they were delivered inadequately, then the scope contains, what I like to call, a “grey area”. Don’t leave anything within your scope open-ended.
The life cycle with a finite due date attribute refers to all start ups, peaks, ups and downs, and completion due dates within a project. Times vary for completion of tasks and as explained prior, some tasks have to be completed so that other tasks can begin. Think of life cycle and due dates as a timeline or a histogram for the project. Calculating the unexpected is almost impossible, but any good Project Manager will learn to expect certain problems to arise and adapt accordingly. Whether a project starts hard and fast or begins slow, due dates have to be followed diligently. One project completion can also be the start up of the next follow on project.
Having more than one project, working side by side at the same time, utilizing the same organizational resources is known as the inter dependencies attribute. Resources may be scarce in the organization due to the ongoing projects within it, so when defining the scope of the project, ensure that enough organizational resources (budget and tangibles) are defined. Cutting your project short of these resources could cost you a deadline.
No two projects are alike. The routine of one project will usually not match another. This is known as uniqueness. Every project will have deliverable s within it that make it unique and Project Managers will customize aspects of the project to their style of getting the job done.
Resources were touched upon earlier but are a separate attribute to a project. All Project Managers wish they had unlimited resources. This is hardly ever the case so budgets and organizational resources are implied but extremely limited. Trying to acquire additional resources directs us to the conflict attribute. Examples of resources may include: financial resources, inventory, human skills, production resources, and information technology (IT).
Conflict is the hardest of all attributes for a Project Manager to control. With the correct training a PM can better understand how to control most conflicts by the use of conflict management and “soft skills”. A project manager must be an expert in the resolution of conflict but always keep in the back of his or her mind the stakeholders of the project who include the client, parent organization, project team, and public. Conflicts among a project’s team members may have many different personalities, roles and senses of priorities. A project manager must predict these types of conflicts among team members and work to...

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