Why Qatar Will Remain A Leader In Gulf Region

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Why Qatar Will Be a Leader in the Gulf Region
Qatar remains the most developed country in the gulf region. It is, ranked greatly in terms of the major criteria including education opportunities, average life expectancy at the birth, and the gross national income per capita. The country has actually become one of the very influential players in Gulf region. The country’s lack of corruption and high living standards makes it one of the best countries in the planet. Over the past ten years, Qatar has offered the world with economic success story, which amazed many people. A country with very harsh climatic conditions, small size of approximately 11,600 square ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, the country also has a plan to construct a pipeline that will enable them to supply petroleum to several parts of the world. By doing so, the country will be able to effectively control the price of their oil, by selling it to the intended buyers with good prices. In addition, the country has good sporting grounds, which enable it to be a favorable venue for 2022 World Cup. The event would be a great source of income for the Qatar country. These factors will ultimately increase the country’s national income, thus making it to be more economically stable. Therefore, considering these factors, there is a greater probability that the Qatar country will actually remain a leader in the gulf region.
“Qatar’s increase in huge gas discoveries giving it a big hope of increased future production”. More large gas discoveries have continued to take place in Qatar, with over 10 new gas depositories discovered every year (Barau et al., 151). This large deposit implies that the country will able to produce gas for a long time. Among the regions at the gulf, most of them experience shortage of gas leading to decreased production. This means that the regions have no hope for future gas production, because it will soon decline. The case in Qatar is very different. Many discoveries of large natural gas deposits have continuously been, reported. Therefore, in the future, Qatar might be the only gulf region dealing with producing the natural gas. Therefore, this definitely enables it to remain the leader in the gulf region.
“Technological advancement in gas production enables Qatar to produce and supply gas to many parts of the world”. As compared to other gulf regions, Qatar remains at the top in terms technological gas production (Middle East Monitor: Gulf 04). They are able to produce a natural gas, which meets the worlds demand at the fairest price, thus making them to be very competitive. Moreover, the technology has also enabled them in the discovery of new gas deposits. They have been able to produce gas at lower cost than other places in the region, making them to be the most preferred site for the buyers. It is also, reported that some neighboring countries invites Qatar to help them in their production of natural gases, thus giving them a greater advantage.
“Qatar is actually surrounded by the unstable neighborhoods thus making them to be more dependent on it”. Qatar is just a small country that historically has been, surrounded by unstable neighborhood (Mahdavi 230). Unlike other countries in the gulf region, Qatar has been able to maintain peace within its people. Therefore, it has been able to maintain a better relationship with its neighboring countries enabling easier transactions. Some regions, for instance, Iran have traditionally posed greater threats to Gulf monarchies. However, Qatar is capable of coordinating the other gulf regions to overcome these threats. Moreover, it has continuously tried to strengthen the link between...

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