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Why Schools Should Ban Summer Reading

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Summer is a time for students to enjoy themselves. Since school is out for 3 months, they want to do their own thing and not worry about school. Most students go on vacation with their families, do community and service, or just relax by themselves. The last thing on their minds is reading the summer book. They don’t want to be stressed out when it’s supposed to be their vacation. Stress-free summer, another school assignments, and lack of enthusiasm are reasons why Mrs. Giffin should curve the summer reading test.
Firstly, summer is a “get away” time from school. It is an escape from the stress of school and grades. For most students, parents pressure them into getting good grades and having the ...view middle of the document...

Even though most students read the summer book, they have a hard time remember the small details. So, they would have to go back and either read the entire book again or skim it. This will take time away from their other school assignments. The majority of students had tests, quizzes, and projects around the same time as the summer reading test. It is hard balancing out their schedule when they have 2-3 tests in the same week. That’s why some teachers should be understanding about this matter and curve or make the test a little easier.
Lastly, the final reason is because of the lack of enthusiasm in the book. Students tend to not like books that they are required to read, especially during the summer. They end up procrastinating until the last week before doing the assignment. Now, since they didn’t enjoy reading the book, they will have a hard time trying to study for the test. Just like I said before, students have a hard time remembering small details. They may have read the book, but it was probably hard for them to focus on what the actual concept and meaning behind the story was. So taking a test on a book that you only read because you had do and didn’t understand the authors meaning is hard for most students.
In conclusion, Mrs. More should curve the test due to a stress-free summer, other assignments and lack of enthusiasm. Although some will argue and say that she shouldn’t curve the test because of responsibility, time management, and discipline. Teachers are there to guide us and help us do better in school. By curving the test, Mrs. More will be doing each student a big favor and helping them succeed in life.

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