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Why Should Parents Pay Attention To Their Children’s Use Of Social Networks?

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In modern society, Social Networking Service is one of the great promising communication methods. One can use a SNS wherever they go through their smartphone which is easy to carry. Sometimes, the effects of SNS are a double-edged sword, so people have various opinions concerning whether or not parents should pay attention to their children’s use of SNS. This essay will provide three reasons why parents should pay attention to their children due to the negative effects of SNS such as needing attention, being limited to online relationships, and disturbing their concentration.
First of all, children need more attention while they are use a social networking. The system of SNS lead people to show their daily lives and to represent themselves. Through this reason, children want to get more attention from people. ...view middle of the document...

To avoid this negative symptoms, parents should pay attention to their children.
Secondly, children could make their relationships limited to online. It is one of the serious disadvantages of SNS. There are quite a number of people who only communicate by using the Internet. They choose an online communication instead of face to face communication. Even though some people looks like they have very close relationships with friends who they meet online, if they meet each other in real life, they are socially awkward. The other negative effect in relation is that some of the people who use SNS are more focused on and spend time to establish online personal connections rather than improving the relationships with people who around them in real life. It is a well-known fact these days that a lot of people use their smartphone without any real conversation.
Finally, children can be disturbed concentration by checking their social networks repeatedly. These days, smartphones are getting more portable. With this technical development, people can easily to check their SNS news. Therefore, children could get into habit of checking their SNS whether there is news or not. It can reduce get the concentration. Children focus while they are doing something such as studying, exercising, or learning an instrument. However, it will impair the efficacy of their work since their concentration is dispersed.
In summary, it is certain that SNS has various pros and cons in the way that being able to make relationship with others. However, parents should be concerned about the way their children use SNS. They will try to fill their self-regard and attention through using wrong SNS way, make online relationship rather than real life, and lose their concentration by using SNS. If the parents and children have correlations each other, I am sure that they will be able to get great benefits through SNS.

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