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Why Should Tourists Visit Estonia? Essay

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Nowadays you can see that on the isles. There are a lot of islands and islets all around estonia. Saaremaa and Hiiumaa are the bigest. On every summer there are all kind of parties and get-togethers for the inhabitants. Many tourists like to attend them because through them they get the right idea and feeling from our country. People here are friendly and hospitable,some even say that estonians are reserved but I don`t think those people who say that have seen the real estonian personality and behaviour. I belive there are many cities in estonia that are worth visiting.Most tourists come to Tallinn,the capital of estonia,and they don`t go any further than that . It may be because they don`t know where to go and what possibilities are there for them. Others how-ever try to avoid the capitals when-ever ...view middle of the document...

A railway network connecting estonia with the domestic market of the Russian Empire was built. The Tallinn–St Petersburg line was completed in 1870. The railway network considerably advanced the development of trade and industry. Russian, German, French, Belgian, Swiss and Baltic German businessmen invested in estonian industry; the share of estonian national capital was, however, small. The population of estonia in 1897 was 958 000; slightly more than 90% were estonians, 4% were Russian and 3.5% German. Every fifth person lived in the rapidly growing cities; two-thirds of them were estonian. The late 19th century estonia nevertheless remained an essentially agrarian country: about 65% of the population was involved in agriculture; 14% worked in industry and construction business, and 14% in transport, communication and the service sector. Germans and Russians still dominated in the intellectual, political and economic elite of society; the lower ranks, peasants and workers, were predominantly estonian. Emergence of parties and the 1905 revolution The modernisation processes of estonian society continued in the early 20th century — industrialisation and urbanisation increase in production and consumption, the use of technological innovations, rapid development of the infrastructure and communications, brisk political activity and growing pluralism. The whole of society was greatly enlivened by the emergence of a new generation of estonian politicians. In 1904, the estonians achieved their first major political breakthrough: at the Tallinn municipal elections, the estonian-Russian bloc gained a majority, defeating the Germans who had so far remained in power unchallenged. A characteristically Western modern social structure gained ground; the estonian academic intelligentsia and workers employed in big industries grew in number.

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