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Why Some Animals Become Endangered Species

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It is worldwide knowkn that no creature exists in isolation, ecosystems are dilicate arrangements where plants and animals all depends each other for survival. The removal of a single species can disrupt the balance, conceivably set off chain reaction affecting others by breaking the food chain and altering the habitat where they live. Many animals and plants become endangered or extinct each year. Recently, however, the rate of them dying out increased dramatically. It is estimated that 27,000 species become extinct each year, about 3 an hour. Since 1996, scientists calculated that 124 types of amphibians, 1,108 types of birds, 734 types of fish, 1,096 types of mammals, and 253 types of ...view middle of the document...

Pollution from pesticides, burning coal, oil and gas, industrial plants and automobile emissions all impact wildlife populations. Another factor that makes animals become endangered is overfishing or overhunting. Some animals are killed because they are classified as vermin, some are killed for food or ivory, and some even for fun. Some environmental groups point to hunting as an immediate threat to many large animals, such as jaguars. Experts believe that the extinction of the American passenger pigeon is due almost entirely to over-hunting. The uncontrollable gases of the earth combined with human activity causes global warming. Climate change can worsen the impact on endangered species of traditioanl threats, such as invasive species, wildfires and diseases. Reasons could be listed continiously, but most of them lead to one global reason, Humanity. Inspite of natural causes, such as volcanoes, tsunamis and earthquakes, which is not controled by human, the most part of reasons causing extinction of different species is a result of a human activity.
In 1000 years world human population increased from 310 million to 7000 million, in other words population increased 22 times. It means that human need 22 times more place and nature resource to live. It is obvius that there is less place for other species on earth to live. Humanity already have caused the extinction of many species in history. They cause pollution, which damages environment the variouse animals live in. Humans use fossil fuels which are responsible for emitting greenhouse gasses. Humans unnecessarily go for hunting, poaching and killing animals. Human over pollute the world and destroy lots of animals habitats leaving most animals exposed to lots of danger, if one animals disapear so will other animals because it will create a chain reaction. The greenhouse gasses caused by humans are also changing the climate and intensify global warming. Some even say, that if there was no humans there would not be any of the problems that caused extinction.
Humanity is developing and establishing new living rules, but it is not...

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