Why The Consumption Of Corn Should Be Forbidden

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Why the Consumption of Corn Should be Forbidden
Stephanie Jelani
DeVry University
Why the Consumption of Corn Should be Forbidden
Have you ever noticed when you eat corn, it comes out the same way it went in? Do you know body builders do not consume corn when training for an event? Did you know farmers use corn to increase their livestock’s fat levels? You may be saying to yourself, “What’s the big deal, its just corn,” or “I was raised eating corn it can’t be that bad.”
Contrary to popular belief, corn consumption should be banned for humans. Any nutritional value corn may have, is too low to counter the amount of starch in it. Corn is the source of high fructose and/ or glucose, which is not good for you either. Some may say, “Corn is the source of some good vitamins.” Corn is used in about everything you can imagine. You can find corn in every country worldwide. “Corn is a good source of fiber, and great ...view middle of the document...

Corn feeds 300,000,000 Americans three meals a day, rather than promote healthier living; “big business” still chooses the bottom line over the lives of their fellow citizens.

We are a society based on “instant gratification,” we have become fast food junkies, because of time constraints the food we consume must be fast, convenient, and easy to prepare. Therefore, we have a vast majority of processed food filled with “empty calories,” and you guessed it corn. We as a nation are fighting obesity, heart disease, and our life span is steadily decreasing. Eighty percent of our farmland is used to produce corn and corn is the most genetically modified crop on the market along with soybean, but that is a whole other story all together. Corn is in your soda, your creamer for your coffee, your juices, and your meat. With the modification corn undergoes we still do not know what its doing to our bodies, corn recently has started being scrutinized by many scientists regarding the health factors we are dealing with today. Recent studies are beginning to show a time line of when we started consuming great amounts of grain products (corn) corresponding to the decline of our nations health.
If we as a nation are going to overcome our health issues we need to limit if not ban corn altogether in our diets. There are so many other healthy choices out there. Our government should also be looking into other alternatives to feed this nation healthier. Is war mongering more important than the health of our people? What legacy are we going to leave our kids? Are we teaching our kids it’s ok to be overweight and out of shape just as long as we have a strong economy, I think not.

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