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Why The Prison System Shouldn't Be Abolished

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Ashley McCormack
Essay for Final Exam
May 5, 2015

Would you want a prisoner living in your home with you and your family? This is exactly what would happen if the prison system in the United States were abolished. Although this article “Are Prisons Obsolete?” has many good points about why prisons should be abolished, I do believe that if you commit a crime you deserve to pay the price for it. If we don’t have a prison system where will all of the criminals go? Without a prison system there will be absolutely no structure in society, if we allow criminals to roam around the streets it will not solve any societal problems, it will just complicate them more. Instead of abolishing the ...view middle of the document...

Also in schools besides from concentrating on the common core, teachers should make time to be positive influences to children.
Another way to reform the prison system is making sure that “criminals” with mental illness are not in prison or jail, they should be in a separate place where they can get help. Housing inmates is so expensive; in just New York alone it is $167,731 to house an inmate with no mental illness per year. Keeping inmates with mental illness in a jail is more expensive and isn’t helping them in the long run, the goals of prison is to “serve the goals of fair punishment and community protection.” The four goals of corrections is retribution, deterrence, incapacitation, and rehabilitation, but people with mental illness need more then that. Drug and alcohol offenders who abuse for personal abuse do not deserve to be in jail, keeping these types of offenders out of jail will make it less crowded and they should be put in a place that can help them rather then hurt them. Abusers need more programs like Betty Ford Center to be presented to them, but these programs need to start a reform of their own. People abuse drugs need to be able to afford these programs and according to the article, “the first six days is $1,175 per day, and after that it is $525 per day,” they need to start making programs more affordable for lower income citizens. Getting over abusing drugs doesn’t just take six days, and the amount of money people have to spend on rehab is not fair. Abusers keep ending up reoffending because they don’t have the money to get clean and stay clean. Also family members need to start becoming more active in the rehabilitation process because family members will be the ones around after they finish their programs.

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