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Why The U.S. Constitution Should Not Be Ratified

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Ratifying The ConstitutionHello, Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is ___________ and I am a Federalist. As a Federalist I believe that with a stronger national government we will be able to get more things done. The government is in a state of near anarchy. The Articles as they are do not have the strength that is needed to establish a new and powerful country. I want the country to be united, I fear that if the Constitution is not ratified that America will break up into thirteen different nations.It is true that the national government would have greater power than it did under the Articles of Confederation. But its powers are limited to tasks that ...view middle of the document...

I am amazed at the compromises that are being suggested to win the Anti-Federalists' approval of the Constitution. I am also angered at the promise of a bill of rights! The national government would be so good at protecting the rights of the people that it would soon gain their loyalty and support. It could not become a tyranny because of the limitations placed on it by the system of checks and balances and separation of powers, because of that I feel a Bill of Rights is not necessary.As a citizen of Mega world I have had the misfortune of being marked as "Scrambled". As a Scrambled individual I must rely on other citizens to assist me, I don't possess any skills that would help me become a productive part of my community. With this new Constitution I will be able to receive more support from the people I depend on because they in turn will receive more support from the government.The Anti- Federalist biggest objection to the Constitution being ratified is the lack of a bill of rights. A bill of rights is unnecessary because the powers of the government are limited. A bill of rights would give the impression that the people could only expect protection of those rights that were actually listed. By passing the constitution we are not only working to help ourselves as individuals, but we are also working to help our nation, and make it the best country that it can be.

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