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Why To Go College Essay

528 words - 3 pages

SAJIDAH ASHRAF has completed the University Orientation Workshop-Working Styles Inventory
Thank you for completing the questionnaire. We believe that the following tips and strategies will help you to succeed:
* Use a calendar to plan your time. Be sure to include study time on it as well as assignment deadlines and exams.
* Select a study space that you can use for schoolwork only.
* Pace your studying. Studying for a set amount of time on a regular basis is more effective than cramming for an exam.
* As part of your studying process, quiz yourself to determine which parts of the material you are having difficulty understanding.
* Think about why you want a college degree and how a college degree will ...view middle of the document...

* Reach out to University of Phoenix staff, such as your Academic Advisor and your faculty member, for assistance and support.
Here are the answers you provided:
Think about the events that led to your being at University of Phoenix. Now consider how things might have turned out differently. Imagine what you might be doing if you were not currently enrolled at University of Phoenix and write a few sentences describing this alternative path in the box below: : I would try some other University to study in if I was not enrolled. I have two kids and I am a house wife so I really don't have any other choice than taking care of my kids and house.
Do you think the alternative path you considered is: : I couldn't really imagine another possibility
I am curious about many things. : 5 Very Much Like Me
Setbacks don't discourage me. : 5 Very Much Like Me
I have few artistic interests. : 1 Very Much Like Me
I become obsessed with an idea for a short time, but later lose interest. : 4 Not Much Like Me
I am diligent. People say I am an extremely hard worker. : 4 Mostly Like Me
I am ingenious. I like to think deeply about ideas. : 5 Very Much Like Me
I often set a goal, but later choose to pursue a different one. : 3 Somewhat Like Me
I have difficulty maintaining my focus on projects that take more than a few months to complete. : 2 Mostly Like Me
I am creative. I enjoy inventing things and have an active imagination. : 5 Very Much Like Me
I finish whatever I begin. : 5 Very Much Like Me
I am original. I often come up with new ideas. : 5 Very Much Like Me
I value beauty, whether in music, literature, art, or nature. : 5 Very Much Like Me

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