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Why Tv Serials Run More Days Than Movies Run In Theatre

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Why TV Serials Run More Days than Movies Run in Theatre


Why TV serials run more days as never ending one and new movies vanishes without even stepping into the Theater. TV serial has got its own limitation in terms of technology, attraction etc., similarly, movies got higher expectation, bench-marking with global technology, highly expensive etc., although they are treated as entertainment medias.

Movies Demand

In early 2000s, we find many theaters with ‘House Full’ tag on festival days since many new films released with lots of hopes to run 25 weeks (silver jubilee) and sometime touching 50 weeks (golden jubilee) and fulfill their commercial commitment. Now, the unbelievable change in life style and economical change, thinking of running a movie to silver jubilee is a ...view middle of the document...

100 Cr budget movies Aagneepath, Bodyguard & Don2 achieved the targets on the grand opening of the first day. Earlier days, films will be released with limited copies to limited areas or limited theatre and wait for that theatre to run the show for next 100 days and account the revenue on a daily basis. Thanks to the cheaper technology making multiple copies and distributing to the multiplex to screen more than 10 screens on the same day and making the project cost on the same day.
In the rushing world does not have time to invest and wait for some time to reap the profit at the end. The change in the market forces the industry to move forward faster and faster. Television copy rights and web, audio, video copy rights are also boosting the earnings at a racket speed. Otherwise, the whole effort will be sold in pirated form.

Film – A

Per day Cost for 100 Days run film Per day Cost for 10 Days run film
Ticket Cost 10 250
No of Capacity of a 10 Scr Multiplex with Min 500 Capacity Rs. 5,000 Rs. 1,25,000
If, it is run as per 100 / 10 days Rs. 5,00,000 Rs. 12,50,000

The above Picture – A & Table – B, depicts the supply and demand curve & opportunity cost is more in shorter run.

• Who will see a movie if it runs to 100 days?
• What is the cost involved in running a movie for 100 days?

TV Serial Demand

Why Serial run as many as days? The opportunity cost is earned by a producer is high in terms of add and other hidden factors.

5 Serial a day 10 Serial a day

Add + other Cost 30 25
If, it is run 5 or 10 a day Rs. 150 Rs. 625

The above Picture – C & Table – D, depicts the supply and demand curve & opportunity cost is more in shorter run.

Conclusion : Expecting a film to run more days is not possible now. Hence TV serial are running and earning profit out of it.

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