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Why Was World War One A Global War?

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World War One was a global military conflict that involved most of the world's great powers, assembled in two conflicting alliances consisting of the Triple Entente and the Central Powers. Global then, is defined as referring to the whole world, or that of involving the globe. The ‘war to end all wars’ was a global war with conflict seen on a world scale. Although it is true that not every country or continent was directly involved within the war, every country around the globe felt to a minimum the economic flow on effects from the conflict. The war was a direct result of a number of long-term issues that had been brewing throughout the nineteenth century, such as social Darwinism, Germany ...view middle of the document...

These colonial outposts for the Allies strike at the German colonies because they finally see a chance to conquer those territories for which they have wanted for so long. Thirdly, it is important to look at the economic reasons as to why World War One was global. Within the economic boundaries of the war, the empires of Britain and France saw fit to allow the war to continue on its path to further ensure the stability of their own economies. Finally it essential to understand the modernization of warfare and the military issues of the war and how they constitute the fact that the war became global. The stalemate in the Western front meant that the war continued to be a global one, with the battles continuing to rage not only on the western front with battles in Verdun and the Somme but also internationally at places like Gallipoli, Mesopotamia and the Arab uprising in the middle east involving the European powers using troops from around the globe, from colonies and alliances to further their effort for victory. The use of these troops from colonies and troops from allied nations ensured that the war becomes global in the sense of the use of manpower toward the final goal of victory. 3 Further more, the use of modern technology allowed greater control over far-flung battlefields during the war therefore making campaigning there easier. The combination of the British Empire and British naval dominance allowed reinforcements and supplies to come from the empire to continually support these long drawn efforts on different fronts across the globe.

Firstly, The political factors of World War One considerably contributed to the global sense of the war. The concepts of nationalism, imperialism and militarism intertwine with the theory of social Darwinism, and competition and tension was common between nations in the beginning of the 20th century tensions. The ideals of which, were not a singularity to that of Europe. Although there was desire of the great European nations to prove that they were the strongest and that they and their empires should survive, the beginnings of this global conflict resulted in the practice of these concepts and international ill feeling quickly arose. Nationalism in Europe, which was subsequently felt through the colonies of the great powers, created hostility and pride, which carried through to the beginning and end of the global War. Nationalism had previously resulted in the unification of German states “by blood and iron” - Otto von Bismarck, 1862. French nationalists were also hostile towards Germany, thanks to the loss of Alsace and Lorraine in the Franco-Prussian War. The German sense of nationalism started to spread globally, creating tensions in Austro-Hungary and subsequently Serbia and Russia. 4 Nationalism also created a strong feeling of pride in all countries and indeed their colonies, especially the British, with their devotion to the empire on which ‘the sun never set’. The impact of these political...

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