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Why We Read Essay

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English 1302
Paper 1 – “Why We Read” Picture

While studying the picture entitled, “Why We Read,” it seems the artist is trying to paint a descriptive picture for people to demonstrate the difference between the images our minds create or receive while reading a book vs. watching a television program. Reading helps the brain create a more detailed mental picture and broadens the imagination by reducing limitations due to the fact that while reading, one must create mental pictures to go along with a story instead of the picture being perfectly thought out and visually created by someone else.
In the cartoon, the two characters in the two images look like identical old alien men. One picture shows a thought blurb or bubble with multiple images and concepts created in the man’s brain through the ...view middle of the document...

The illustration also shows that it will cause the reader to be more creative when one reads, because the reader must develop images in the mind as he reads. Retention of the material can be stronger and longer lasting due to the fact that information and can be read over and over. The picture in the reading man’s brain blurb shows atoms, Albert Einstein’s face, the world, letters and even a Peace Sign. Looking at all of those images inside of the thought bubble in the illustration makes it seem as if the illustrator is also trying to get the viewer to think that if they read more, they will become smarter. Through reading, the reader broadens his views on everything such as science, peace, love and even happiness.
I think that its intended message was to convince people to read more instead of watching television, because it will make people use their brains to think, solve problems and become smarter. And I think that the intended audience was not meant for children, but toward anyone who views it, given the fact that a lot of things are turned into cartoons… even politics.
As I look at it again, I think that this cartoon is effective, because the illustrations make a clear picture telling people that reading stimulates thinking and watching television creates blank space in the brain of a robot-like person. The character watching television displays an image of a happy idiot whose silly looking emotions have obviously been manipulated by the creator of the television program.
Cartoons are a good way to influence society by helping them see not only the good things, but also the problems in the world today. This cartoon may emphasize how technology has made mankind lazy mentally as well as physically. The artist may have found a way to influence society into reading more to develop thinking, reasoning and problem solving in the world today.

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