Why You Should Go On A Wellness Holiday

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Presentation: Why you should go on a wellness holiday

Good afternoon everybody, my name is Nadja Niyaz and I am here to show you the benefits of going on a wellness holiday/why you should go on a wellness holiday.
You have to much stress, too much work, too little time? Long commutes, household, private life, financial problems?
Where does that leave you??? And how can you find a way to get out of that treadmill?
I have devided my presentation into three parts: Problems, Risks and Solution (bessere Einteilung???)
I am a student here at LMU and want to become a teacher or maybe even a professor myself – so I know how time consuming life as a teacher is and how often you feel that between classes, preparations, work and household, there is almost no ...view middle of the document...

Just like a computer that has to cool down, if he gets to warm, your brain sometimes also needs time to process and cool down. And so does your body!
Without rest and diversion, without time to do things that make you happy you will not only became restless, frustrated and unmotivated but will maybe even become depressive. You will not only lose interest in work, but also in life. What that leads to – we all know only too good – we read a C:\Users\Nadja.Niyaz\Documents\Spaces\Büro\Nadja\Uni\Sommersemester 14\Linguistik Schmidnd hear about teachers burn out all the time and the number of professors that have to actually quit their job because they are totally burned out is dramatically increasing every year!
So my third point is basically the logical continuation/conclusion of what I just told you: You know now what the problem is and why you need to take some time out of your busy schedules – but you don’t know how – YET!
You want to know how you can reload your batteries? The solution is simple: go on a wellness holiday!! Treat yourself to a timeout from University, Work, all the stress and everything else that surrounds you and drags you down. Give your brain and body the possibility to regain their strength in an environment built especially for that purpose. Lay back, do some sports, read a book you have been wanting to read forever and never had the time. Wellness resorts have specially trained personal and offer special exercises for deep relaxation and cleansing, but also offer help with nutrition or stress relieve. Book some massages or take part in a meditation course, it will help you to relax and recreate.
Do wellness for your well-being – NOW IS YOUR TIME!
Calm down- instead of burn out!

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