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Wierd Essay(Don't Read It)

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Discussion and evaluation

Bird count

As seen in the results of the bird count we will notice that as some bird species are at a stable and increasing population, others are decreasing. These are due to factors such as:
2)Different species and their co-existence
3)Human involvement
4)Food and break down of the ecosystem
These points shall be briefly discussed below.

Climate plays a very important role for most species. Like us humans we are accustom to a specific weather type, we can adapt but we don't enjoy it. Birds such as Red Knobbed Coot also enjoy a different climate and they may have left Intaka Island, due to the climate change; by means of ...view middle of the document...

This is due to the fact that now the animal above the food chain will not receive an energy source, which will have a ripple effect on the rest of the food chain/web. This also damages our humanly lives, by means of tourism and source of food and pets.

Now that these points are discussed we, see that these might impact certain bird species and results. Therefore I say in order to receive accurate results, repeat the experiment over a year period, once or twice a month for all 12 months.

Plant diversity/quadrant count

During the Intaka Island field and experimental trip, we were meant to preform a plant count, in groups and each group had their own species of plants. It shall therefore be discussed, to see why each quadrant has those specific species of plant. This shall all be explained with the following factors:
1)Plant growth
-Nutrient supply
2)External factors
-Disease and biological factors
3)Plant formation

Now in order for plants to grow in a certain area, they need certain nutrients, temperatures, pH and nitrate levels from water and a certain amount of CO2 gas. If any one of these factors, fall away the plant cannot grow in that particular area. So if the land in which you want to plant a plant, is low in nutrients high in temperature and pH and low on CO2, the chances are that the plant will not grow; due to that plant not being exposed to high nutrients and CO2 in order to photosynthesis(produce food for energy).Just as we need food to preform our tasks. Temperatures will be influenced in climate and just as birds, a plant needs great temperature to feel comfortable and not dry out. The pH and nitrate levels of the soil/water are also important as the plant may be quite selective over a base, with low nitrate levels compared to the opposite. This is like buying a house in which you don't like because its small. Now for sunlight, which is also used to help plants photosynthesis, and some plants may need a balance, a low or a high amount of light to preform this function. In conclusion to this part we see that plants are extremely selective in order to grow/survive.

External factors that can influence plant population and growth is due to disease spread and other species. When another specie has a disease, it may be able to spread not just to other species but water, soil and other objects. This disease may harm the whole ecosystem and damage plant life and the wood web. So, we must maintain each plant and specie as well, to ensure plant survival. Other...

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