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A Journey to become International Construction Player

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As Indonesian Largest Construction Copany, PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk. (WIKA) has Vision and Mission to be One of the Leading EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and Investment Company in Southeast Asia, which is in one of the mission is to develop the potential of the State so that can use to maintain strategic efforts for GOES OVERSEAS. WIKA's strategy of expansion into the appropriate State and as a part of ...view middle of the document...

Under such circumstances the countries targeted construction companies around the world to compete in the job menjari negar-state proficiency level. It also makes the level of competition is high.

To be able to contribute to the improvement of infrastructure in these countries, as well as to meet the demands for increased growth WIKA, to operate in foreign markets WIKA should have the right strategy for WIKA ideals can be achieved with good accordance with the wishes of stakeholders. To achieve success is essential to the culture (cross culture) and environment such as weather, nature and habits of the people that are part of the successful implementation of the project as this will be a huge obstacle if not addressed. No less important is to prepare personnel resources that will be brought in from outside countries (including Indonesia) which operates WIKA to be really close to perfect both in the selection of acceptance, mental training, physical readiness, skills are an absolute must properly implemented, it is can not be only meets the needs of the workforce only. Additionally knowledge about the equipment to be operated should also be understood that the operators are ready to be taken to be the condition of the equipment used. When WIKA has been prepared with the experience, mastering the environment, understand the culture, well-trained labor under, then most of the success already achieved, just how communication with relevant parties running smoothly so that the successful completion of the project can be ascertained. Thus slowly is necessary to improve the status of only the pattern into a pattern of Sub Contractors, Pure Project Management Service (PMS), Join Venteure (JV), Main Contractor, EPC Contractors and investors that sustainability or sustainability WIKA abroad can be maintained and become stronger.

CHAPTER II OPERATION STRATEGY The Grand Strategy for WIKA's Overseas Operation are : 1. Project Management System Project Management System is the type of construction contract which is only managing client project, paid within such rate and percentage of revenue by client. Scope of PMS is :

2. As a subcontractor of bigger multinational construction / invesment company or consortium 3. Joint Venture / Joint Operation with Competen / Strong Local Company / Multinational Company. 4. Exploring market and executing business process together in Indonesian Incorporated, in term of sharing revenue and risk together with fully support by Indonesian Govenrment through related organization (Meneg BUMN, Kemlu).

Based on above grand strategy, the action plan to be executed are :  Exploring market potency to foreign country with fund capability but limited HR.  Offering PMS to feasible company and join for...

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