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Have you ever had a long, hard to read book to read for school, work or enjoyment but you didn’t have the patience or time to sit and concentrate? If the answer is yes then we have the product for you! You can listen at your leisure or pace and hear any book read live.

I would like to introduce Will Bury who is an enterprising inventor with an eye and ear for the future of this technologically advanced world and am ready to embark on a small business owner’s dream of owning his own business. For the last few years, Bury has missed his daughter soccer games and other family extracurricular ...view middle of the document...

For example, a college student could access Bury’s digitized archive and locate a required textbook for class at a lower price than its hardcopy.

The mission of Will Bury is to offer a less expensive, reliable, more realistic digitized device to lovers of printed books and information. By purchasing this product, consumers will save money on buying individual, digitized books and computerized gadgets that transform print to a robotic voice. The difference between this new technology is that you get an option of either listening or reading digitally. This product kills two birds with one stone and allows its consumers to listen to their favorite books. Non-copyrighted books are $10 and copyrighted books are an additional $5 per book, which is a royalty fee.

Will Bury has been in the technology industry for quite some time and his experience has taught him how to create a sophisticated, cheap design that has a multipurpose. This feature differentiates the product from others. He dotes on the fact that he can teach the production of his product to a person with a high school education. So, the first objective is to develop a staff that could assist in digitally transforming and scanning books into a digitizer. Creating multiple digitizers is inexpensive and Bury wants to be able to digitize more and more books.

Outsourcing is one option that could prove to be much cheaper for labor or hire persons in his area to get the ball rolling on his project immediately. Depending on how fast Bury wants to start marketing his digitized books it is ultimately up to him to decide which route. Hiring in his region would be the recommendation in order to get more books on the market.

Determining the company logo is vital to this company. It represents the business and is a recognizable image to its customers. This generation is image crazy and no matter what else may change, companies want to stick with a logo. A unique, timeless design will be needed. Will Bury has a website created already but sales are pretty weak. One suggestion would be to revise the current website and make it more individualized and attractive that features his small catalog of books under aWill Bury Books’ logo. Focusing on targeting online shoppers as well as schools, businesses, and young adults is recommended. As time passes, advertising...

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