Will Genetics Destroy Sports Essay

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Final Performance task: “Will Genetics Destroy Sports?”
The perfection of oneself has been in the minds of athletes, their trainers, and their coaches. This thought has created a very challenging situation to many. In many aspects, people that train for competitive sports, or even just school teams; there is a great unhappiness about their natural form. They constantly look to enhance their performance, agility and expanding their horizons on what they are already capable of. The question that scientists, coaches and other professional persons are faced with is: “Will Genetics Destroy Sports?” the answer lies within the athletes themselves, in their minds, in their bodies, and in ...view middle of the document...

Why risk your life to be better, more powerful, and stronger? Why risk your life for something so insignificant? Some answers to these questions will never be answered in all seriousness. The demand to be better, stronger, have a longer lasting performance, more powerful, and or a solid combination of all of them, has caused new discoveries to be searched for. These discoveries predict greater and more effective so called solutions. The testing as seen in the past has had severe downfalls. Gene therapy has already been proven to be a huge controversy in sports. Things such as steroids and human growth hormones are the main issues being addressed. The natural evolution of medicine will lead to new discoveries, and it is inevitable people will use it for athletics, and it is not clear that it will be able to be stopped.

The struggle for perfection has gone further than ever imagined. The human body can only withstand so much before it succumbs to its own limitations. These limitations are set by the body’s own physical capabilities as research has proven. It has been proven that it is not money consuming to produce an enhancement formula. Which is most likely the reason that it is being further researched and into greater details. Looking at interviews with Olympic competitors, they talk about how these new discoveries have discovered the love of the sport and made it into an extended and horrid competition, where people stop at literally nothing to win. “Sport is supposed to be fun, but it is surrounded by people who are conspiring to destroy the athlete and the game.”- Olympic Swimmer Richard Pound (The Body Pg. 68). Coming from an Olympic competitor that just goes to show that it in fact is a big issue that is hardly being addressed. It has come to the point where people only want to be there to get paid, which of course is in the matter of professional sports, such as hockey, or football, or any professional sports. Gene doping was expected to happen in the Olympics in 2008 in Athens. Not being able to test for gene doping there, the association against gene doping is dwindling. Creating a simple program that includes some of the risks in gene doping will tell a person how much of their life they are jeopardizing. These people that are willing to put their lives on the line for achievement are going to need to know their risks. Most don’t look deep enough into the hazards as much as they should. A well known philosopher talked about how we are born into the world with no sense of knowledge, and as we progress through life, we understand more. “At birth our minds are completely blank, as we grow and have sensations and experiences, it becomes fuller and it is out of this material that we create our ideas and concepts.”- Locke (Reading 31, notes). Locke was a very intellectual individual. In this belief we draw that its from our own personal experiences that our mind governs our body and it tells us what we are to do....

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