Will The Use Of Technology To Control People Create A Stable Society?

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Brave New World, written by Aldous Huxley, is a novel set 632 years after the release of the Ford Model T and the assembly line. The concept of the assembly line is applied to the “decanting” and conditioning of people. The use of technology, such as drugs and conditioning, to control people in order to create a “stable” society leads to rebellious actions in order to defy the leader. The rebellious actions of three characters; Bernard, John and Lenina take steps in their own way that disobey the leader of the World State, Mustapha Mond.
Bernard Marx is a character in Brave New World that stands out from the rest; his views towards the current state of society are different than what the ...view middle of the document...

This is a rebellious action due to the fact that the World State tries to prevent this sort of isolation and intimate relationship. Moreover, Bernard brought John and Linda back from the Savage Reservation in order to humiliate the Director of Hatcheries, Thomas. Bernard has been “secretly elaborating this ever since, in the little house, he has realized who the father of this young savage must be (93).“ He plans to humiliate Thomas by revealing that he is the father of John, the Savage. In the current civilization, since everyone is decanted, the idea of a father or mother is considered pornographic and highly discouraged. Bernard’s character and his views towards society reveals that the World State isn’t a stable society.
Ever since Bernard brought John from that Savage Reservation, his actions have shown that he is completely against the World State and wants to transform it to what he considers “normal”. John is convinced that Soma is poison and will kill those who use it. His attempt to sway a group of Delta’s during their daily Soma distribution was unsuccessful since “ he had never spoken in public before, and found it very difficult to express what he wanted to say… its poison! (143).” John felt that the current state of the World State was something that should be changed into something he thinks is more natural. As a result of his discoveries of the “Brave new world” he is now living in, he attempts to separate himself from the rest of the people of the World State by locking himself “upstairs in his room…reading Romeo and Juliet (119).” John is being used as an experiment for the people of the World State. Isolation and culture is something that the World State society frowns upon, and John reading the works of William Shakespeare in his room alone is seen a form of uncooperative action. He continues to isolate himself from the rest of society by moving to “the old lighthouse, which stood on the crest of the hill between Puttenham and Elstead (166).” John intends to “pay for his sinful actions by “[pacifying] his conscience by promising himself a compensatingly harder self-discipline, purifications more complete and thorough (166).” John’s acts self-flagellation are to abandon his thoughts of Lenina and his experiences in the “Brave New World”. The whipping of oneself to remorse for their sinful actions has never been seen in the World State. The actions of John may be seen as “savage” and rebellious through the eyes of the people in the World State, however John was raised in a society that is similar to a society before technology was influenced in our lives, and is not seen as...

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