Will Tv Survive? Essay

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Will TV survive?Since the beginning of time, people have amused themselves through various forms of entertainment. These may have consisted of telling stories such as of a famous hunt, playing primitive forms of instruments such as animal hide drums, singing, dancing around a fire, acting, and participating in various forms of sports, such as hunting, running, canoeing, and some other sports similar to what we play today. As time progressed, however, people stopped following herds and, instead, began to settle down to live more peaceful lives. As a result, humans had more time to spend learning, researching, and relaxing. These reasons led to the invention of different forms of media like ...view middle of the document...

Television provides us with something to do. Every day millions of people turn to their televisions as a form of escape from the pressures and stress of daily life. The television, to them, serves the purpose of entertaining them for a half hour or an hour at a time or more. This is the purpose of sitcoms, such as the popular NBC produced shows Friends and Frasier, each appealing to different audiences, but both comedy bases for purposes of entertaining. Humor is not the only approach used in television entertainment. Shows such as NYPD Blue use thick plot lines and heavy drama to draw the viewer in. By getting cable or satellite TV one can get access to over hundreds of channels, including several movie channels like HBO and Showtime. TV is also an excellent aid in preparing children for school and assisting in educating children after they have begun school. Programs like Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers and The Magic School Bus are examples of good educational programs for preschoolers and elementary students. There are also a lot of channels that were made only for educational purposes like Discovery channels and the Learning Channel.One of the most important benefits of TV is the news broadcasting. News programs allow us to see what is going on in the world around us. When one turns on the TV, chances are there will be something on that involves events in another country. Television allows us to view the world from the comfort of our living rooms. Channels like CNN and BBC World have been serving people with 24 hour news from all around the world for many years. There are also all types of news like weather and sports channels too.Despite all of TV's benefits, it has some negative effects on its viewers too. One of its major negative effects is addiction, which is a serious problem. Some people watch eight hours of television a day, and become lazy couch potatoes, waiting in desperation for their favorite shows to come on. They cancel appointments and ruin their social/family life, all because of TV. Of course, this level of addiction is rare, but many studies have proved that milder addictions are widespread. TV isolates the addictive viewer from the outside world. As a result of an addiction the person becomes less active in other fields, such as reading, exercising and going out with friends.TV violence is another bad effect, which its most effect is on children. When children are exposed to TV violence, there is a possibility that they will become desensitized to real life violence. The children lose sympathy and feelings for victims of actual violence. They are less afraid because what they saw on TV has taken away the fear of it ever happening to them, and even if it does, it's almost like they have already experienced it. Another impact from exposure to TV violence is aggressive behavior. Kids try to imitate the acts done on TV without knowing the results of such acts. When they watch an action movie that contains any type of...

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