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Wimax Technology Essay

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1. In the _ew Document dialog box, on the General tab, for type, choose Flash Document, then click____________. 1. Tab 2. Ok 3. Delete 4. Save 2. Specify the export ________ for classes in the movie. 1. Frame 2. Class 3. Loading 4. Main 3. To help manage the files in a large application, flash MX professional 2004 supports the concept of _________. 1. Files 2. Projects 3. Flash 4. Player 4. In the App_ame directory, create a subdirectory named_______. 1. Source 2. Flash documents 3. Source code 4. Classes 5. In Flash, most applications are _________ and include ...view middle of the document...

Tool 14. We'll start our CurrencyConverter by invoking main () on our application's primary class, _________ 1. CurrencyConverter.fla 2. CurrencyConverter 3. CurrencyConverter.swf 4. 15. The deploy and source folders are both subdirectories of __________ . 1. CurrencyConverter 2. Label 3. TextArea 4. Button 16. Our exported application is named __________. 1. CurrencyConverter 2. 3. CurrencyConverter.swf 4. CurrencyConverter.fla 17. To create instances of components at runtime, Flash requires to add the components to the __________ library during authoring. 1. CurrencyConverter.fla's 2. CurrencyConverter 3. 4. CurrencyConverter.swf 18. ________ application is a simple currency converter. 1. GUI 2. Label 3. TextArea 4. Button 19. Our applications only class is ___________. 1. CurrencyConverter 2. 3. CurrencyConverter.swf 4. CurrencyConverter.fla 20. Double-click the new layer and rename it __________. 1. Timeline 2. Keyframe 3. Load components 4. Layer 21. The __________ class handles the actual creation of component instances in our application. 1. CurrencyConverter 2. CurrencyConverter.fla 3. CurrencyConverter.swf 4. 22. _ot all component classes reside in the ___________ package. 1. mx.controls 2. mx.containers 3. CurrencyConverter.fla 4. 23. CurrencyConverter invokes __________. 1. BuildConverter 2. CurrencyConverter.fla 3. CurrencyConverter.main () 4. CurrencyConverter.swf 24. To determine the package for a __________ class, consult its entry in Flash s built- in Components Dictionary. 1. Component

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2. Button 3. Label 4. ComboBox 25. The applications primary class, CurrencyConverter, is also the class that defines the _________ method. 1. Object 2. Main () 3. Class 4. Function 26. The classes for containers such as window and scroll pane reside in the _______ package. 1. mx.controls 2. mx.containers 3. 4. CurrencyConverter.swf 27. The __________ method is a class because it is invoked once for the entire application and is not associated with a particular instance. 1. Object 2. Main() 3. Class 4. Function 28. The movie clip and components created by _________. 1. Main () 2. buildConverter 3. Class 4. movieClip 29. The CurrencyConverter instance created by ___________. 1. Main () 2. buildConverter 3. Class 4. movieClip 30. The event handlers use the thisConverter variable to access the current _________ instance. 1. CurrencyConverter.fla 2. CurrencyConverter 3. CurrencyConverter.swf 4. thisConverter 31. The __________ class, you can use the rewritten version of Mike chamber's original class. 1. EventProxy 2. movieClip 3. Box 4. Flash's 32. The CurrencyConverter interface is created by the...

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