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Wine Culture Essay

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Chinese wine sets have a long history and come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. In terms of material, there are pottery, bronze, porcelain, jade, glass wine sets and those made with other materials.
Pottery wine sets are China’s earliest wine utensils found so far. These sets were extremely popular in the Painted Pottery Culture Period of the Neolithic Age. They were widely used in later ages, especially among the laboring people at the foot of the social ladder. The casting of bronze wine sets started in the Xia Dynasty and became prevailing in the Shang and Zhou Dynasties as well as in the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States Periods. Among these wine sets, the ones modeled ...view middle of the document...

In ancient China, wine sets were also part of the ceremonial system. There was a stringent hierarchy system, under which people of different statuses and positions were supposed to use different wine sets. All types of Chinese wine sets serve as a mirror of ancient Chinese culture.
Playing drinking games is a unique way of adding fun to the drinking by Chinese. The drinking games have been existed for a long time, which might be originally invented for keeping the order of a feast, or for punishing those who failed to obey the rule of bottom-up. In a word, drinking games are set up for punishing the losers. However, its major purpose is to juice up the gathering, which may be made of guests unknown to each other. On that occasion, drinking games can be activator that wakes up the whole table.
Drinking games can be played in various ways among men of letters or ordinary people, in different manners of course. The literati often play poems or couplets game, or riddle-guessing game, while the ordinary people like to play simpler drinking games requiring no prior preparations.

China is the hometown of wine, the cradle of wine culture, and one of the first winemaking countries in the world. According to archaeological discoveries, special wine vessels were found in Neolithic pottery wares that have been unearthed in modern and contemporary days.
Rice wine is one of oldest wines in the world. About over 3000 years ago in Shang and Zhou dynasties, the Chinese originated the Compound Fermentation Method by Yeast and began to volume produce rice wine. In Song Dynasty about 1000 years ago, the distillation method was invented, making distilled spirit the major liquor drunk by Chinese. The winemaking history in China is of long standing and rich in wine varieties, covering various famous wines known by people at home and abroad.

Moutai has a mysterious and distant history in China and is also liquor for state banquets. Ever since the establishment of the PRC, Moutai has been presented to foreign leaders as a national gift in numerous grand occasions. It features a taste refined and delicate and a rich and mellow body. A taste of it will leave a long aftertaste and lingering aroma.
Wu Liang Ye is distilled out of five grains: red sorghum, rice, sticky rice, wheat and corn. It has won the praise of "three cups of it will make you invigorating all over, and a drop of it will give off a mouthful of aroma". The Yibin City in Sichuan, which is famed as "the Hometown of Top Wines", is the cradle of Yibin Wu Liang Ye.
According to historical records, Dukang was the originator who distilled liquor out of grains during the Spring and Autumn Period. It's said that the site of his early winemaking activity locates at the Dukang Village in Caidian Township, Ruyang County. The spring here for making Dukang is crystal clear like green jade, with a flavor sweet and pure. Since Dukang was the originator of all winemakers, he has become the incarnation...

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