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Wine Culture At Table In China

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Wine culture at table in China

Wine culture play an important role in daily life, and its special function is so unique that nothing can take the place of it. Chinese wine culture enjoys a high reputation in the world. In this paper I want to do some research on the types of wine, the utensils of drinking, the ways people drink, the reasons why people drink wine and the function of wine culture at table in China.
As a matter of fact, the term of wine culture was first put forward by Guangyuan Yu, a renowned economist professor in China (Li D, Hui Y, 2005). Wine culture was gradually formed after wine appeared, but nobody defined it clearly and ...view middle of the document...

It belongs to the distilled liquor, which contains more than 30% alcohol. The liquor is made from grains, such as wheat, corn, sorghum etc. The most representative liquor is Wu Liang Ye, which is brewed with choice grains including sorghum, glutinous rice, rice, wheat and corn. In China, there are a great many varieties of white wine, and most of them are famous at home and abroad, such as Moutai, Xi Feng, Lu Zhou Lao Jiao Te Qu, Jian Nan Chun, Dong Jiu, Gu Jing Gong Liquor and etc. They are characterized by “ lasting aroma, mellow and luscious taste, harmonious and just-right flavor” ( They are the eminent liquors among Chinese liquors, and have ever gained the international gold prize for many times.
Yellow liquor is traditional Chinese strong alcoholic drink, which has a long history. It is fermented directly from rice, glutinous rice, millet etc., whose content of alcoholic varies from 12% to 18%. It can be sub classified into three types according to the technology of making. They are Jiang Nan Glutinous Rice Yellow Liquor, Fujian Glutinous Rice Yellow Liquor and Shandong Millet Yellow Liquor (Changxing Z, 2005). Most of yellow liquor were pasteurized, aged and filtered before their bottling for sale, so they are very clean.
White liquor and yellow liquor are made from grains. They look clean and transparent, taste sweet, mellow and refreshing, smell very aromatic, but yellow liquor is different from white liquor. It can be used for traditional Chinese medicine and cooking (Li D, Hui Y, 2005), although white liquor does not have this special function.

Chinese drinking utensils – tumblers
In modern times, Chinese people are used to drinking wine in tumblers. The tumblers are made of glass. They look very exquisite, brilliant and beautiful. Tumblers are used widely in daily life, not only because they are cheap, but also the sizes, colors and shapes are various. People have more chance to choose their own drinking utensils that they like most, thus tumblers are very popular in China.

The ways of pouring wine in China
In China, people like filling others’ drinking utensils when they are drinking. That is because filling people’s wineglasses means respect. At table, a host usually pours wine for every guest firstly. Young people should pour wine for old people actively, but old people do not need to do so.
Meanwhile, people should pay attention to the time of pouring wine. Usually, it is not the right time to pour wine for others, when they are drinking, eating or picking up food. Usually it is the best time to pour wine when people have drunk up their wine in wineglasses.

The ways of toasting in China
People have a habit with themselves to toast the most important guest or the main guest firstly, then to toast other guests. After that, guests also should toast the host and hostess, then to toast other guests. At last, guests toast each other. Besides...

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