Wine Market In France: Consumer And Market Insights

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Consumer and Market Insights: Wine Market in France


The French Wine market is forecast to grow at a higher rate in both value and volume terms during 2015-2019 compared to 2010-2015. Still Wine has the highest volume share in the French Wine market. Hypermarkets and Supermarkets is the leading distribution channel across all the categories in the French Wine market. Glass is the predominantly used packaging material in the French Wine market.

Key Findings

-The Sparkling Wine category is forecast to register high growth in value terms during 2015-2019.

-Port is the largest as well as the fastest growing segment by value in the Fortified Wine category during 2015-2019.
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Packaging material data for glass, paper and board, rigid plastics, and others; container data for: bottle, bag-in-box, carton and others.
Reasons to Buy

-Identify high potential categories and explore further market opportunities based on detailed value and volume analysis

-Existing and new players can analyze key distribution channels to identify and evaluate trends and opportunities

-Gain an understanding of the total competitive landscape based on detailed brand share analysis to plan effective market positioning

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Table of Content

- Report Scope

Country Context
- Macroeconomic indicators -Population and age structure, GDP and Consumer Price Index

Market Overview
- Market value and volume for the French Wine market
- Historical and projected consumption in the French Wine market
- Market volume of the French Wine by category
- Historical and project market value of the French Wine by category
- Winners and losers in the French Wine market
- Average category level pricing in the French Wine market
- Segment share of the category and change in market share in the French Wine market

Retail Landscape and Key Distribution Channels
- Leading retailers in the French Wine/Spirits market
- Leading distribution channels in the French Wine market
- Leading distribution channels by category in the French Wine market

- Spirits market by type of packaging
- Spirits market by type of packaging closure/outer
- Spirits market by type of packaging, forecast

Brand and Private Label Share
- Leading brands in the French Wine market by category

- Country context
- Sector overview
- Category data
- Segment data
- Packaging data
- Category definitions
- Segment definitions
- Channel...

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