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Winsnort And Apache Installation Instructions Essay

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setup c drive, 8000, set d drive for rest in windows setup
Mandatory prerequisites

Only use the support programs included our 'AIO Software Pak'!
Fresh install of Windows 2000/XP/2003
All Service Packs and Patches applied
Hard Drive Partition 'C:/' (System) - Min 5 Gigabytes
Hard Drive Partition 'D:/' (System) - Min 60 Gigabytes
Make SURE the sensor has a Static TCP/IP settings and can get to the Internet
Deactivate any Firewall application on the Windows Intrusion Detection System (WinIDS)!
The new WinIDS sensor MUST be allowed to see ALL the network traffic.
We would strongly suggest that the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) is used to identify and correct common ...view middle of the document...

In the 'Destination Folder' dialog box, type d:\winids\snort

left-click 'Next' allowing Snort to install, left-click the 'Close' button, and finally left-click 'OK'.
Open a command window, at the command prompt type copy d:\winids\snort\etc\snort.conf d:\temp and tap the 'Enter' key.
Should display '1 file(s) copied.', and return to the command prompt.

Navigate to the d:\temp folder and extract the contents of the' file into d:\winids\snort
In the above; confirm the replacement of any files or folders by left-clicking the 'Yes to All' button, if it appears during the decompression process.

Open a command window, at the command prompt type copy d:\temp\snort.conf /Y d:\winids\snort\etc\ and tap the 'Enter' key.

Navigate to the 'd:\winids\snort\etc' folder, right-click on the 'snort.conf' file and open with 'WordPad'.

Use the Find in WordPad to locate and change the variables below.
The home network variable below defines the network you wish to monitor, like the local LAN segment for instance It is set by specifying one or more networks in the form of a CIDR.
The IP address below is fictitious and must be changed to the correct IP Address and CIDR that reflects the actual network that the WinIDS is monitoring.

Original Line(s): var HOME_NET any
Change to: var HOME_NET
In the above HOME_NET example, WinIDS will monitor addresses - It is important to specify the correct range of internal network addresses that WinIDS will need to monitor.

Original Line(s): var RULE_PATH ../rules
Change to: var RULE_PATH d:\winids\snort\rules

Original Line(s): var SO_RULE_PATH ../so_rules
Change to: var SO_RULE_PATH d:\winids\snort\so_rules

Original Line(s): var PREPROC_RULE_PATH ../preproc_rules
Change to: var PREPROC_RULE_PATH d:\winids\snort\preproc_rules

Original Line(s): dynamicpreprocessor directory /usr/local/lib/snort_dynamicpreprocessor/
Change to: dynamicpreprocessor directory d:\winids\snort\lib\snort_dynamicpreprocessor

Original Line(s): dynamicengine /usr/local/lib/snort_dynamicengine/
Change to: dynamicengine d:\winids\snort\lib\snort_dynamicengine\sf_engine.dll

Original Line(s): # preprocessor sfportscan: proto { all } memcap { 10000000 } sense_level { low }
Change to: preprocessor sfportscan: proto { all } memcap { 10000000 } sense_level { low } logfile { portscan.log }

Just below '# output log_tcpdump: tcpdump.log' insert this next line:
output alert_fast: alert.ids

Original Line(s): # output database: log, , user= password= test dbname= host=
Change to: output database: log, mysql, user=snort password=l0gg3r dbname=snort host=localhost sensor_name=WinIDS

Original Line(s): include classification.config
Change to: include d:\winids\snort\etc\classification.config

Original Line(s): include reference.config
Change to: include d:\winids\snort\etc\reference.config


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