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Wireless Mobile Communication A Study Of 3g

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Third Generation (3G) mobile devices and services will transform wireless communications in to on-line, real-time connectivity. 3G wireless technology will allow an individual to have immediate access to location-specific services that offer information on demand. Mobile phones are rapidly becoming the preferred means of personal communication, creating the world's largest consumer electronics industry. Wireless data services are expected to see the same explosive growth in demand that Internet services and wireless voice services have seen in recent years. 3G is a wireless industry term for a collection of international standards and technologies aimed at increasing efficiency and improving ...view middle of the document...

Mobile rates from 384 kbps to 2 Mbps. At the heart of 3G is the communication is evolving day by day and has become a aim to provide mobile users, wherever they may be, with must have for everyone. Mobile communication is the the same high speed services offered by broadband. With exchange of voice and data using a communication 3G, the mobile user can access high speed internet, infrastructure at the same time regardless of any physical videoconferencing, and basic video/TV services. 3G can link. Mobile communication technologies not only benefit support a minimum of 2 Mbps for stationary or slowbusinesses to perform their operation faster and efficiently moving users (walking) and 384 kbps for fast-moving but also raising the standard of human lives. Mobile vehicles (in an auto or train). Compare this to rates of 9.6communication or mobile computing is just the two 40 kbps for 2G and 2.5G systems. different names for the ability to use the mobile technology 3G was developed to address the ever-growing consumer while on the move, most of the portable computers and demand for mobile network capacity and services. From computing equipment which are particular for the use in the youth-inspired excitement for SMS to a need for seamless connectivity to the corporate network while stationary place or configuration. If we talk about the mobile communication technologies we traveling, consumers have embraced the benefits of can count on many mobile technologies available today mobility. 3G is a technology for mobile service providers. such as 2G, 3G, 4G, WiMAX, Wibro, EDGE, GPRS and Mobile services are provided by service providers that own many others. Mobile computing or mobile communication and operate their own wireless networks and sell mobile technologies based on different security standards and as services to end users. Mobile service providers use licensed well as the transmission protocol behind it. In this section spectrum to provide wireless telephone coverage over some we have discussed in detail about 3G technologies. If you relatively large contiguous geographic service area. Today want augmented bandwidth, multiple mobile applications it may include the entire country. From a user's perspective, and clarity of digital signals, then 3G (Thrid Generation the key feature of mobile service is that it offers ubiquitous Technology) is our gateway. The use of 3G technology is and continuous coverage. To support the service, mobile also able to transmit packet switch data efficiently at better operators maintain a network of interconnected and and increased bandwidth. 3G mobile technologies proffers overlapping mobile base stations that hand-off customers as more advanced services to mobile users. It can help many those customers move among adjacent cells. Each mobile multimedia services to function. The spectral efficiency of base station may support users up to several kilometers 3G technology is better than 2G technologies. Spectral away....

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