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Wireless Signals Essay

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Wireless Signals

Wireless Signals

There are many different types of wireless technologies accomplishing a wide variety of solutions as we trend toward a wireless world. The electromagnetic spectrum is being exploited like no other time in history. With so many choices of wireless technologies to discuss, it is difficult to narrow them down to four. The four different types of wireless technologies to be discussed are cellular, satellite, Radio Frequency Identification, and Wireless Fidelity.
Cellular communications are rapidly changing as more wireless applications are realized. The potential for ...view middle of the document...

As satellite bandwidth is limited and relatively expensive, a company would choose this option as a last resort for areas that not otherwise have WAN capabilities.
Radio Frequency Identification or RFID refers to a type of wireless signal deployed for inventory control. This wireless automatic identification technology uses wireless signals to transmit a unique serial number to a wireless receiver. This receiver can then interface with an organizations network and ultimately to a WAN. This system as a miniature transmitting device attached to individual items or units and therefore allows for quick and accurate inventory control as well as loss prevention (What is RFID?).
Perhaps the most prevalent wireless technology in use today is Wireless Fidelity or WiFi. This technology uses radio signals to communicate with a myriad of devices including computers, smart phones, tablets and many other devices (Discover and Learn). The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers has standardized this technology calling it 802.11. The most common use in an enterprise campus for WiFi is to extend a WAN for use with wireless devices....

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