With Close Reference To The Play ‘ View From The Bridge By Arthur Miller , Show How The Relationship Between Eddie And Catherine And Other Members Of The Household Change

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With Close Reference to The Play ‘A View From The Bridge ‘ By Arthur Miller , Show How The Relationship Between Eddie And Catherine And Other Members Of The Household Change.

‘A View from the Bridge ‘is a play that uses controversial topics such as incest and immigration to illustrate the depth of insanity that uncontrolled feelings can take a man to. The relationship between Eddie a longshore man and Catherine his niece is the main focus of the play. Eddie’s relationships with other characters in the play are simply in place, to put emphasis on, or show the extent of Eddie’s worsening, irrational behaviour.
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But this seems rather odd as only a few moments ago he was praising her on how good she looked. The audience ponders on the thought that something deeper than the length of Catherine’s skirt is bothering him. Eddie then elaborates, complaining about the way Catherine conducts herself on the street and stresses his concern, that her walk and choice of shoes are attracting the wrong attention from the wrong type of men. Here the audience sees a somewhat different side of Eddie; he is now coming across as protective. This, if looked at differently, also can be understood. He feels responsible for Catherine and therefore wants to protect her. He tells her

‘I promised your mother on her deathbed, I’m responsible for you. You’re a baby, you don’t understand. ’
The use of the word ‘baby’ and the term ‘you don’t understand’ shows that Eddie is refusing to accept that Catherine is maturing. It also implies that Eddie wants to be able to care and look after Catherine, like he would do to a baby.
Another example of Eddie being protective over Catherine is when he catches her waving to a boy named Louis. He says to her;

‘Listen, I could tell you things about Louis which you wouldn’t wave to him no more’.

Catherine replies by saying;

‘Eddie, I wish there was one guy you couldn’t tell me things about ’

From Eddie’s warning we can extract these to facts:
• Eddie is protective of Catherine
• Eddie does not like Louis
But Catherine’s response implies that Eddie does not like Catherine giving attention to any man. Her response shows the audience Eddie‘s opinion on Louis is not personal and that he feels the same way about any guy who approaches Catherine. Arthur Miller makes sure that the audience understands this, as it is important later on in the play.

The following quotation is further evidence that Catherine cares deeply about Eddies views.

Catherine (almost in tears because he disapproves )

Catherine as can be seen above cares a lot about Eddie and wants him to approve of everything she does.
When Beatrice enters the stage the audience is now able to assess the nature of her and Eddie’s relationship, which appears to be normal. There are clear signs that they care for one another. The listed stage directions show gestures of affection that they present to each other:
• (Looking into his eyes)
• (He touches her hand)
• (She turns and grabs Eddie’s face in her hands)
At this point in the play Eddie has a close and loving relationship with both Catherine and Beatrice. Then Beatrice informs Eddie on the offer made to Catherine by her principle to work as a stenographer. Eddie does not take this news well and through that love, he begins to display anger and frustration at Catherine’s plans for the future. He says;

‘This aint...

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