With Reference To Either Waste Management In Urban Areas Or Transport Management In Urban Areas, Discuss The Extent To Which Sustainability Can Be Achieved

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With reference to either Waste management in urban areas or Transport management in urban areas, discuss the extent to which sustainability can be achieved.
Answer 1 (Transport) Sustainable management in urban areas is a constant theme for urban areas in both LEDCs and MEDCs. This essay will be based on whether transport management can be achieved sustainably and whether or not it is only transport management that can achieve sustainability or other aspects such as improved housing, preventing urban sprawl and protecting the environment also add to the possibility of achieving sustainability. Transport management in urban areas is approached differently in both LEDCs and MEDCs. However ...view middle of the document...

The population in Mexico City in 2005 was at an estimated 19.4 million and steps have been taken to try to manage transport and reduce congestion. These include mandatory school bussing, the rise of low sulphur fuels in all public transport as of 2008/09 and cars with certain number plates being only able to travel on certain weekdays. Overall these have been sustainable management methods as they have not only reduced congestion levels and increased the use of public transport, they have also reduced the level of pollution in the atmosphere which makes it cleaner for the future and present generations. The air in Mexico city was 15% less polluted. The use of low sulphur fuel may lack sustainability in terms of how expensive the fuel is for an LEDC to deal with and also in terms of the fact that it is still using non-recyclable resources but overall the advantages of the management methods appear to outweigh the disadvantages showing that it does achieve sustainability to a certain extent. Managing transport in MEDC cities has a different approach due to access to capital in MEDCs. It does tackle two objectives, that is, reducing congestion so that cities can run efficiently and protecting the environment in the fact that it attempts to reduce pollution such as carbon emissions for future generations. The UK has to reduce carbon emissions by 60% by the year 2050 in order to meet its commitment to the Climate Change bill. This involves managing transport in urban areas as the increased car ownership is also partly accountable for the high levels of carbon emissions in the atmosphere. In 2005 the UK government introduced the congestion charge in London. People are charged £8 when they enter central London. It was successful in the sense that bus passengers increased by 6% during charging hours in the first year and a lot of revenue was created for the UK government to reinvest back into improving public transport so people are encouraged to to use that rather than driving. However in the first year congestion did decrease in London by 18% but eventually rose again as people could just afford to pay the charge. If people were affluent enough to be able to afford to commute into London then they had no problem paying the charge. In this sense sustainability has not been achieved as the results of the congestion charge haven’t had the desired effects at all. It brings forward the question of as people continue to become more affluent what can be done to discourage them from using cars and in turn damaging the environment for future generations? In Manchester other approaches have been taken as a carrot method to try and encourage people away from their cars and towards public transport or cycling. In Rusholme there has been an improved cycle lane that doesn’t allow cars in as it is separate from the road, not an ‘add-on’. People are more inclined to use these cycle lanes as they are much safer. There is also a proposed traffic free route through...

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