With Reference To Located, Examine The Problems Associated With The Increasing Use Of Rural Areas For Recreation And Tourism (25)

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With reference to located, examine the problems associated with the increasing use of rural areas for recreation and tourism (25)

Rural areas are being used significantly more due to recreation and tourism due to counterurbanisation. This is affecting the social, economic and environmental factors of rural villages. Tourism changes businesses and creates more environmental problems such as pollution as well as causing house prices to rise tremendously. The influx of people from cities causes these problems. An example of this is West Oxfordshire where the house prices are high and the jobs are seasonal.

One of the main problems of tourism in rural areas is the parks in the town is ...view middle of the document...

 Also all the extra cars on the road means that the tarmac is getting eroded and damaged a lot more quickly making it expensive to maintain. The extra congestion on the road also brings in alot of air pollution as well as visual and sound pollution.

Although country parks, sports fields and golf courses are conserving the land it means that properties or developments cannot be built upon them. Golf courses keep the land natural with trees grass land and shrubbery providing a whole range of habitats and ecosystems but golf courses like the South Hinksey golf course in Rural Oxfordshire. However many golf courses waste vast amounts of water by watering the greens and this itself can destroy habitats. Golf courses also use a huge amount of pesticides and insecticides which furthermore pollute the habitats and kill insects living there. Also other activities like Stock - car racing and scrambling can erode ecosystems and create litter and pollution which creates visual pollution for the locals.

In Oxfordshire one of the main attraction is the Cotswolds nearby and the surrounding villages like Wooton and Woodstock. These villages contain small museums and lots of other recreational activities which are perfects for tourists from the city to enjoy. This means that during the seasonal summer months of the year these villages and towns are filled with Tourists and this can cause a huge variety of problems including congestion, air pollution, visual and sound pollution. This also aggravates locals as it means they struggle to do everyday processes such as going to the post office.

Another main problem is second home ownership. Many tourists come to Oxfordshire for its natural beauty and walks and activities and many of them decide to buy a second home. This is because they work most of the year in the large cities such as London and live for most of the year in the city and with their large income...

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