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With Reference To One Or More Located Examples, Explain How Tourism Can Be Managed To Ensure Sustainability

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With reference to one or more located examples, explain how tourism can be managed to ensure sustainability.

This essay will explore the work of different tourist destinations to balance their tourism and its affect on the environment. The main concept of sustainable tourism is preservation; the idea of minting the location how it is, this also include allowing no developing. One form of sustainable tourism is “ecotourism”, specialised tourism where the niche market is those who want to experience untouched areas. The overall aim of this is for tourist’s destination footprint to be as little as possible. This is a tourists environmental impact on the area they visit. Sustainability can ...view middle of the document...

For example, A socially sustainable activity commonly used by Real Journeys is
Whale Watch Kaikoura, this is a locally run business. it is socially sustainable as it was started by a local tribe called the Maori tribe as a way of providing jobs and avoiding uprooting and leaving a culturally rich area in search of jobs. Therefore New Zealand can be considered as sustainable in many ways : environmentally, socially and culturally.

Another example of a sustainable tourism is that in Antarctica. Antarctica is a valuable scientific resource with a fragile ecosystem and therefore must be preserved from the harmful affect of mass tourism. A popular way to do so is follow quotas, these restrict the amount of people allowed to visit the location at any one time and during the entire year. This keeps the feel of exclusivity and therefore the environment is respected by tourists more and so littering and such don’t happen. Another way tourism in Antarctica is kept sustainable is by providing rules such as distance must be kept from animals, such as those in breeding seasons. This helps as it makes sure the animals...

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