With The Use Of The Principles Pioneered By Henry Fayol, Explore The Relevance Of Those Principles That Are Still Valid. Your Exploration Can Be On Any Company Or Companies Of Your Choice

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Any business enterprise will need a management for it to be able to run smoothly and utilise it resources efficiently. Management can be describe as a process by which scarce resources are combined to achieve given ends (Appleby, 1994, p5). Functions of the manager include planning, organising, directing and controlling. One of the earliest people who gave deeper thought on management was Henry Fayol.Henry Fayol (1841-1925) is one of the pioneers of management thought and is acknowledged as the founder of the Classical Organisation Theory (Chan, 1999, p2-2). His background was in mining and was also a managing director of a large French company. (Appleby, 1994, p13) He published his book ...view middle of the document...

They are the ones who set the syllabus for all the different subjects taught. They are also in charge of all the teachers in Singapore, including recruiting, training and ensuring that all teachers meet up to their requirements constantly. An organizational structure of the MOE (http://www.moe.gov.sg) can be found in Annex A behind.The college I used to study in is called National Junior College (NJC). It was opened in 14th May 1970 and is the very first junior college in Singapore. The administrative structure of NJC (http://www.njc.edu.sg) is found behind on Annex B.Although Fayol came up with his 14 principles in the 19th Century, when most of the work then were labour intensive and had little use for technology, some of his principles are still very relevant today despite the changes since his time. This goes to show that these principles are, and will always be, benchmarks for a good and efficient organization, no matter what sort of work it may concern.Fayol's principle of discipline, which implies that organizations require a set of clearly defined rules and procedures aimed at attaining good employee discipline, is still relevant in the world today. While studying in National Junior College, we had to obey strict and standard rules which were set upon us on our very first day in the college. These rules varied in different areas, from being punctual to proper attire and the punishments that would be taken should these not be followed. Members of the staff, which included teachers and even up to the principal had to keep to these rules. NJC also had a discipline mistress to ensure that these rules were properly enforced. In general, discipline is required in all aspects of our lives, and being in an organisation is no different. Any organisation with no discipline or rules will be disorganised and will be heading for disaster.Another of Fayol's principle, which is still relevant today, is Unity of Direction. This means that each group of organisational activities that have the same objective should be directed using one plan (Robbins, 1996, p3). This is precisely why MOE, NJC and all other schools and companies in Singapore have mission statements. MOE's mission statement is "To mould the future of the nation, by moulding the people who will determine the future of the nation". By going with this mission statement, no matter who is the acting minister for the ministry, there will always be a direction set for the organization. This is important for the whole organisation to be unified in its purpose and direction. The MOE needs dedicated teachers and principals every year to ensure that the future of Singapore remains bright by educating young minds. With this unified direction, it will be easier to attain the goals set by the ministry. Unity of direction is, thus, still applicable in the world today.Fayol's principle of equity is also very relevant in today's society. This means employees should be treated with kindness and justice. This...

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