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Without Seeing The Dawn Essay

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Set in a small farming village called Manhayang, Sta. Barbara, somewhere in Negros. Like most rural barangays, the hardworking and closely-knit village folk there had simple needs, simple wants, and simple dreams. They were living their own simple lives when the violence of war reached their place and brought death to their village, their homes and their hearts.
Here revolves the story of Ricardo "Carding" Suerte, son of Juan Suerte. An industrious, strong and sometimes quick-tempered young man, he aspired to marry Lucia, the daughter of the teniente del barrio. Though his father thought he was not yet prepared and had wished to send him to school, he gave his blessing to the ...view middle of the document...

There, in Iloilo, Carding met Rosing and Nestong. The latter was his fellow stevedore and union member, and the former, a prostitute besotted with him, and also the reason why his wife left him and returned to their barrio. Soon, Carding followed Lucing with news that the representante entrusted them with land to till in Badlan. Lucing too, had news for her husband: she was again pregnant. They moved to Badlan and worked harder than ever. They were blessed not only by a promise of a bountiful harvest, but also with a healthy son they named Crisostomo. Sadly, their landlord sold the land, and they were given time to harvest what they sowed. Misfortune was like a shadow though. A great flood destroyed everything that they had- harvest and carabao as well.
Wanting to own their own piece of land, they were convinced to move to Mindanao, but Carding was drafted for military service. When he returned, he found his wife heavy with another child. At first, the truth was kept from him. What he knew was that his father and his son died of some illness. But later it was...

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