Wk 2 Individual Assignment

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Bio-Psychosocial Perspective
Dr. Mark Schmitz
October 13, 2014

Bio-Psychosocial Perspective
Detail the three systems and contexts that constitute the bio-psychosocial model. Demonstrate the influence of the bio-psychosocial model on the bio-medical viewpoint. Describe how the interaction of biological, psychological, and social factors influence a person's health. Establish a hypothetical scenario illustrating the ways in which all three factors interact and influence an individual's health and well-being.
Describe the three systems and contexts that constitute the bio-psychosocial model.
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Straub, (2012) “Within the biological context, the life-course perspective in health psychology focuses on important age-related aspects of health and illness” (Jackson,1996) as cited in (Life-Course Perspective). Life-course perspective examples are low birth weight and death because of chronic deceases in middle-aged and elderly.
Psychological Context is the center message of psychological health and health and illness are psychological influences. Some event are stressful experience or imagines puts stresses on the body. Chronic depression and certain health problems are more susceptible they replay over and over again in the persons mind. Straub (2012), “Psychological factors also play an important role in the treatment of chronic conditions” (The Psychological Context). When a patient complies with medical treatment the psychological interventions can learn to manage their chronic conditions. When the patient does not complies with medical treatment the psychological interventions will not learn to manage their chronic condition. The patient brings anxiety to the treatment and the process worsens with the physical treatment regimen.
Psychological intervention can help with everyday stresses of life, which effects the immune system (Straub, 2012). Straub (2012), “Negative life events such as bereavement, divorce, job loss, or relocation have been linked to decreased immune functioning and increased susceptibility to illness” (The Psychological Context). Health psychologists can teach patients ways to manage stress in doing this procedure may help with the immune system to combat disease.
In social context health psychologist think about ways to influence and relate to one another and our environment (Straub, 2012). An individual is influenced by historical and social factors as others in birth cohort. Birth cohort are groups of individuals born within a few years of each other (Straub, 2012).
According to Healthy People 2010, by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, “The Leading Cause of Death in the United States, 1900 and 2005; were not new diseases, they were present in earlier times, but fewer people died from them or they were called something else” (Table 1.3) as cited in (Straub, 2012).
Percent of 1900 Percent 2005* All Deaths
Pneumonia 11.8% Heart disease 26.6% Tuberculosis 11.3% Cancer 22.8%
Diarrhea and enteritis 8.3% Stroke 5.9%
Heart disease 5.2% Chronic lower respiratory diseases 5.3%
Liver disease 5.2% Accidents 4.8%
Accidents 4.2% Diabetes mellitus 3.1%
Cancer 3.7% Influenza and pneumonia 2.9%
Senility 2.9.% Alzheimer’s disease 2.6%
Diphtheria 2.3% Kidney disease 1.8%
Septicemia 1.4 %
Social context affects individuals beliefs and behavior when related to health. When chronic diseases are involved spouse, significant other, or close friend provides an important source of social support. When individuals...

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