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Women And Engineering Essay

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Women in the Engineering World
Engineering is a field dominated by men in today's society. When people think about engineering they think about men with glasses and never does a woman come to mind. However, there have been many studies on the skills that keep women out of engineering as a career yet there is no proof that women cannot or do not possess the skills needed to be a successful engineer. Therefore, it is thought and stereotyped that women do not have the skills to have an engineering career. Women are stereotyped as being dumb just because they are pretty, but many women have proven that stereotype wrong. These women who do have the skills to enter into the field face bias ...view middle of the document...

Girls may try to take classes and pursue the career but are pushed away, because of their gender and they are pushing themselves away because they do not believe they are good enough to be in the “technology world”. Not only are women discouraged from entering into the field they have their own reasons too. Engineering is a challenging and time consuming career. The main life choice is so that they can raise a family. Some want to raise a family and the career of engineering is too demanding for women to have a family and their career causing women to choose between raising a family or having a career. For both external and personal reasons women stay out of the field of engineering, but that alone does not mean they are not important.
The question that comes up in people’s minds is what makes a good engineer? Several professionals in the field of engineering believe that women lack the objective knowledge concerning the female minority situation and therefore do not support women in engineering. The many qualities that make up what one should posses to be a good engineer are, engineers should posse the ability to be a good problem solver. The reason that problem solving is one of the main skills needed is because its saves a lot of time, which then saves money. Being able to take a problem and solve it is what engineers job is so possessing this skill will excel anyone in the field. They want people in the field who are good at understanding complex systems, enjoys communicating with other people, who is talented and creative, well organized, and a hard worker. These are the skills people think make a good engineer; however, not one of the qualities is being a male. Therefore, women are just as capable as being a engineer as men are if they posses these qualities.
Women have the qualities that are needed to become good engineers. The only way that women are different from men in the field is in the training. Women have all the capability to become good engineers as men if they can receive the proper/same training, employment and promotion as men. In receiving training women make up an extremely small amount of the student population in science related majors. Only 53% of the total students in Scotland universities are women. However bellow 19% are studying engineering, computer studies, and physicals sciences. Likewise, University students in Germany were only 48% women. Of the 48% of women only 20% of the engineering students are women. Women are the minority in engineering and like courses. In Bulgarian they limited women to only be allowed to make up 50% of engineering students. (Brawner 290). Women are allowed to be engineering students but they are not allowed to make up more than 50% of the students. However, there is no rule that men can only make up 50% of the student population. Women if able to receive the same amount of education can only be a minority. Why is it a law that women must be the minority and why not men? Studies...

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