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Women And Liberation Essay

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Women and Liberation: Values vary among women
Franklin Whiddon
June 15, 2015
Christy Hawthorne

Women and Liberation: Values vary among women
As the 1968 Miss America Pageant began, a group of protestors gathered outside to protest the crowning of a new American beauty. Though the sixties were already known for protests and struggles for equal rights, this protest had a different agenda than the nation had become accustomed to. The protest of the Miss America Pageant would usher in a new ideology that women no longer wanted to be objectified and viewed based on the customs and norms that centuries of gender specific roles had defined. The protest would remain peaceful but the ...view middle of the document...

Not only were churches and states arguing what this equality would bring, such as homosexuality, Marxism, and unisex bathrooms, but women opposed to the movement argued that the movement would shake the foundations of the home (Herbers, 1978). In 1980, Beverly Campbell argued that passing of the Equal rights Amendment would place more federal governance on women that chose not to work and stay at home (CSM Staff, 1980). Already battling men, the Women’s Liberation Movement was also fighting within itself for what the movement should promote and stand for. Though many agreements were reached within the ranks, separate factions of the movement emerged, such as NOW, WLM, and OWL, each with similar agendas but varying beliefs of how women are perceived and what their roles are. Some of these organizations promote equality for women but retain some “old norms” of perception while others protest ads and other propaganda that promote the sexuality of women rather than their abilities and equal intelligence (WSJ, 1970). Though the Women’s Liberation movement has some of its own internal difficulties, the cause for equality remains the same. But is this equality change in how women are viewed or is it a liberation of women and allowing them to choose their own path and belief because change is only temporary while liberation is a different manifestation in different people (Williams, 1971).
Whether one choses to use the internal conflicts of the Women’s Movement to argue necessity or whether they choose to actually weigh the merits of equality for women, one thing is for sure. Equality is not always...

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