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Women In Ancient Greece Essay

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Women in Ancient Greece were always very bust people. Whether it was caring for children or taking to their households, they almost never had free time on their hands. How women were treated back then is definitely different from the strong women of today’s! Nevertheless, for one thing, we are really lucky that we live today because women in Ancient Greece worked hard labor and tough times on a day-to-day basis ALWAYS!
When a baby was born and presented to the father, mostly girls were rejected and put to death usually by drowning! However, if the baby girl was accepted she was put to work almost as soon as she was physically able to. Not including young girls in Sparta, children of that ...view middle of the document...

In Athens, a girl was considered at the verge of the pretty age, (the age of proper marriage) at age 15 to 18. Despite the young age, they would usually be assigned by their father men at age 30 or older. Once they had become a couple, the husband was given the so-called job of controlling the newly wed wife then on through her death. It may seem that the reason for marriage in those days was for love and happiness of both man and woman, but the main priority was to have children. However, children were especially important for their ability to be helpful daily and to be the one to be their father’s heir to any throne if any. Marriages were often established by the father of the bride, who was very strict indeed, by the man his daughter was marrying. Previously, before the marriage, there were many ceremonies for both future husband and wife accompanied by feasts set up and reputable by the both sides of families. One notable ceremony for the bride was when she would give up all of her childhood toys to the goddess Athena in a temple that would worship. This would signify that she had grown out of such trivial things she enjoyed or might have in childhood. Marriages were often VERY important accountably for the fact that most of the time; hopefully, those two lovers would be together for the rest of their life!
Like previously said women were always busy people and had many roles in everyday life. They were to, after married, have children both supportive and helpful so that they could make life easier on the part of the woman. Childcare, spinning, and weaving were the woman’s main priority if not pregnant or sick. It usually depended on how many slaves a woman or family would have that would rely on how much work a woman would have on a day-to-day basis. For example, if a family had five slaves in all helping them (for every family in Athens had at least two) than the work would most likely be minimal depending on how the slaves were in stature. This means that if a slave or two were ill, than the amount of work would be more for a women or girl. Colorful rugs spun by women were most often used in a front room parlor to keep out drafts during winter. However, if the husband liked the design, he would sometimes even hang the rug as a decoration in his own working room! The roles of women everyday were usually made up of hard labor but success was made everyday for sure!
Women’s rights were certainly few but always favored all the time. Although they were not to leave the house, they were privileged to go to all festivals and parties if invited but most importantly to go to worship gods from time to time. They could though serve as a priestess in temples in public but other than that, that was only a real job available to them, if any. They could not own land if they lived in Athens and were completely controlled by men before and after marriage. Firstly, they were controlled by their father before marriage and then given the hot potato method...

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