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"Women In Ancient Israel" Compares Israelite Women And Their Influence To Other Women In Different Civilations During Ancient Times

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Present day women are essentially regarded to as equals to men, but women have not always possessed this respectful status. Women today are allowed to obtain education, vote, and hold jobs previously considered only for males. The extent of numerous ancient civilizations' female activities included cleaning, cooking, producing heirs, and raising the children. Women were not allowed to receive much of an education and several of the jobs within their society were for males only. However, in some societies such as the ancient Israelite civilization, women possessed a little more influence, respect, and standing than in others. Marriage, family life, and various jobs were all several of the ...view middle of the document...

Several of the women in addition labored alongside their husbands breaking the land used for agriculture. The most vital duty though of the wife in the household was as a child bearer. A woman grew considerably in status as she perpetuated the family line, and her position was literally saved through childbirth of a boy. Since women were unable to inherit property, only sons could keep their mothers from a life of begging on the streets. As a matter of fact, a barren woman was considered disgraced and cursed by God. Only the women in ancient Israel kept the civilization and culture prospering with their constant care for their household and birthing of many sons.The average ancient Israelite woman devoted her entire life to serving her family, but as the society became more urbanized a number of women started working outside the home in addition to serving her family. Women could receive jobs as cooks, bakers, perfumers, wet nurses, prostitutes, and singers of laments at funerals. Some women known commonly as "wise woman" appear to have been educated and composed sacred texts in poetry and prose. On rare occasions women even reached positions of authority and influence within the Israelite society. Deborah the Judge, one of the women to reach an influential position, led troops...

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