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Women In Combat Essay

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I believe women should not be in combat. Guys are more physically dominant in fighting in war. The women should just be able to clean and cook and just work around the house. You must have physical strength to fight and men have that more than women. It has nothing to do with brains, or patriotism, or dedication to duty. It’s a life-and-death issue, and that’s why I think women should not be in combat.
Women can be nurses, or office staff at the military. It was proven that only one woman out of 100 could meet a physical standard achieved by 60 out of 100 men. On a push up test only 7% of women can meet a score of 60, while 78% of men exceed it. In terms of physical capability, the ...view middle of the document...

It can only be your natural hair color.
With your body you are going to want to get in shape. Such as pushups, sit ups, running, ect. You should be able to do a certain amount or time for them. You should do at least 50 pushups, 8 minutes of sit ups, and run at least 3 miles every day. Guys can do more than girls in all this stuff though. Girls don’t have that physical dominant in them so they don’t have to do as many. Women don’t have as much upper strength in their body as men do. But in combat they don’t show favoritism so girls would have to do the same amount as men.
I’m not saying women don’t have courage to be in combat, I’m just saying men are stronger, bigger, and faster. Privacy is another issue; our men on the front lines spend weeks with each other in scheduled areas, in which they take care of their business in front of one another. Whether that is personal hygiene or attending to matters generally taken care in the bathroom. Women should be taking care of children not fighting in combat. Women have their responsibilities and men have theirs.
Women can get more hurt easily than men. Women sometimes don’t know how to protect themselves. Men can defend themselves more than women can and men can even defend the women in help. Men should be the ones fighting for our country, and the ones we thank when saying the pledge of allegiance. Men are more focused on fighting than women are. Women can get emotional a lot, when men do not.
Women do not belong in combat, they are more of a liability than an asset, this is always ignored when it is discussed in the Media, or in Congress. The average female Army recruit is 4.8 inches shorter, 31.7 pounds lighter, has 37.4 fewer pounds of muscle, and 5.7 more pounds of fat than the average man recruit. She has only 55 percent of the upper-body strength and 72 percent of the lower-body strength. An Army study done in 1988 found that women are more than twice as likely to suffer leg injuries and nearly five times as likely to suffer fractures as men. Women get injuries way more than man.
Also, recent studies indicate women are more at risk to getting PTSD, as documented from Iraq and Afghanistan, women who were never in direct combat but whose camps were shelled were more likely to develop PTSD than their male counter-parts. Even in the US Navy SPARTAN study, women were asked to complete a lot of the Damage Control Tasks that are mandatory on a ship. They performed in a rather terrible manner of the start. The women were then put on a 6 month weight training program and asked to do the test again.
A lot of the...

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