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Women In Movies And Feminist Movement In The United States

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Movies are a big part of people’s lives; everyone has a favorite movie, or set of movies. They have impacted people’s lives since they were first made, and continue to do so today. In recent years, movies have cast women to play the roles of heroes. Although women have been playing heroic roles recently, they have always been role models in movies, which have set examples for future generations, empowered women, and have shed light on the feminist movement in the U.S.
Women have been in movies since they first started playing on the big screen, they have played an assortment of roles, the damsel in distress, the first one to die, the poor scullery maid who ends up ...view middle of the document...

They all get to be accomplished and smart and physically active without necessarily recognizing those are hard-won rights," said Gloria Feldt, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.”
Katharine Hepburn was a great role model for young women, and she helped them want to do more with their lives and become more active in the world around them. Actresses like Katharine Hepburn have helped empower women to change and make something of their lives instead of just following the normal routine of making a home and having children. It’s also movies like Cinderella that have empowered young women to want more than just an average life. In Cinderella, when her father died after marrying her step mother, she was forced to become a scullery maid. She grew up to become a sweet, loving, and brave young women who disobeyed her step mother to go to the ball, and ended up marrying the prince. Cinderella did what she wanted to, to become happy, and she empowered young women to do the same. In the recent movie Frozen, Disney showed women that they didn’t need to marry a man to be complete, and that you shouldn’t be afraid to be you, there will always be people that will accept you.
With that movies have evolved and changed with time, and they have encouraged actresses to change the roles they have traditionally played, shedding light to feminist movements in the U.S.
“On television today, women play a broader range of roles than they did in the past. This situation mirrors changes in the roles they fulfill in the real world. The most obvious role changes are occupational: in addition to the traditional feminine occupations of nurse and social worker, women on television are now portrayed in traditionally masculine occupations, such as lawyer and judge. More interestingly, women are playing these roles with a new attitude: women characters on television are powerful and assertive.” (Oppenheimer, B., Adams-Price, C., Goodman, M., Codling, J., & Coker, J. 2003, para. 1).
Actresses, one movie at a time, have been changing the way the world sees women. Roles that were primarily cast for men, for example a doctor, have been given to more women. Due to the actresses, “Changes in the portrayal of women on television may reflect changes in the personality characteristics of women in the real world.” (Oppenheimer, B., Adams-Price, C., Goodman, M., Codling, J., & Coker, J. 2003, para. 2 ). Walt Disney even helped change the way women are viewed in the world, his movies reflect what was going on in the world at the time, for example in Sleeping Beauty, Walt Disney portrayed Aurora's world as “the world of the first true American teenagers, when Brigitte Bardot began her career, Rebel Without a Cause was just four years old and Elvis Presley was the king...

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