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Women In The World Essay

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My Great-Grandmother was not a person. Neither was yours. Up until about 67years ago no females were. We were supposed to be pregnant and barefoot in thekitchen. At least that's the perception that the laws enforced. (For ex: TheElection Act of the Dominion of Canada and The Common Law of England) As part ofthe British Commonwealth many of our laws were the same as England's andenforced by British parliament. One such law from the Common Law of Englandstated that "A woman is not a person in matters of rights and privileges, butshe is a person in matters of pains and penalties." ...view middle of the document...

For example, women worked in coal mines, armories, and aided thewar effort via the manufacturing industry, such as factorys. If this is what isdetermeined as equality then women were getting the short end of the stick andmen were receiving all of the benifit. This perception still holds strong today,although not as strongly.Men said that women were too fragile to vote. Yet no man has ever experiencedlabor pains. Furthermore no man has fought any battle that was as hard as theone the famous five women have fought. The Election Act of the Dominion ofCanada states that "No woman, idiot, lunatic, or criminal shall vote." So womenare equal to criminals? It's not a crime to be a woman. We should not be judgedby our sex. On April 19, 1916 women in Alberta were granted the right to vote. Asmall battle was won. Five Canadian women have conquered countries and nationsfor their rights. When questionning the wording of "qualified persons to thesenate" the Supreme Court of Canada rejected that the word "persons" includedwomen. This battle was lost but the war was won when the Privy Council ofEngland (the highest court in the land) ruled that the word "persons" includedwomen. That was the 18th of October, 1929.The famous five women are: Irene Perlby, Nellie McClung, Henrietta MuirEdwards, Louise McKinney, and Emily Murphy. These women have fought a battle ofsexism that is of historic importance.

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