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Women Rights During The Cold War

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From the past to present, Women’s rights movement has already been improving and changing. From the 1800’s to the current year of 2014, Women’s groups and programs have always tried to improve on Women’s equal rights, making themselves even with that of men and trying to become leaders in their work environments, political roles and/or any other leadership roles. I will discuss in order, the 19th century and what roles that women played in this time. When did the actual Women’s Movement begin and what happened in its early stages. How Women and what females did during World War II. What transpired and happened during the Cold War time period. Finally, what is the difference in women’s role ...view middle of the document...

This was a pre-vote and women’s right movement. Campaigns were used to promote women’s movement and the right to vote. In New York 1912, women walked and hiked 170 miles to ALBANY NY. In 1913, they marched 225 miles from Newark to Washington in 16 days. To show the world that women are strong and have the right to vote.
Finally, one final key movement in the 1900’s happened around the time of 1970. This is when women (NOW) national organization of women rallied 20,000 women to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 19th amendment in New York City. The strike focused on equal opportunity in the work force, political rights and social equality. This time period though the Equal pay act of 1963 was passed, women were still not considered equally as men in work area. The strike for equality was also due in part to education. There were still colleges not allowing women to higher education such as LAW and / or DOCTOR degrees. The women that organized this large campaign and strike was Betty Jameson.

III. World War II - Jobs
During World War II, the Women played a large role in manufacturing jobs in the USA. Many women saw the opportunity to join the work force world to replace men of whom most of them had to join the military. This was critical stated President Roosevelt in the success of WWII. Women maintaining manufacturing jobs and assistance of building items for WAR was a crucial positive in winning WWII. “ROSIE the Riveter” was a symbol of women laboring in manufacturing. This movement had women changing their roles in society. Though once WWII ended and the men returned. Many of the men replaced the women even though the women performed well and 80% of them wanted to keep their existing jobs.

IV. Cold War 1945-1991 Women’s Rights
Another important view of Women’s rights movement was during that of the “COLD WAR” era. Basically 1945-1991. In summary after 1945 women rights have changed...

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