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Women`s Rights In Elections Essay

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Women`s rights in elections.The society of the 21st century is developing day by day. Today`s people are informed enough about their rights and obligations comparing with the previous epochs. In this essay I would like to discuss segregation between the rights of men and women, especially their influence on the situation in elections.To begin with, there is no definite opinion about women`s role in politics. Moreover, different countries have various mentalities and life styles, as a result attitudes to politically active women are varied.It is widely believed that European countries give more freedom to the representatives ...view middle of the document...

What I mean by this is that every female is able to demonstrate brilliantly their best features even in politic sphere. The good examples of this are Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi, Angela Merkel, who are undoubtedly considered to be the most famous women-politicians of the modernity. Taking into account the historical background, one can notice that there were outstanding monarchs and leaders among women, who could change the course of history as well as leave the memory about their reigning forever.On the contrary, there is another statement, relating to women`s rights, which is worth to mention. Unlike the European countries, there are some limitations for women to be involved in politics, especially in Asian or Muslim countries. Besides, in some cases even voting in elections is prohibited.In addition, it is widely agreed that women have not proper features of character for such a profession. They behave too much emotionally in situations, which need to be reasonable and cold-blooded. Therefore one can conclude that those are men who are adopted to deal with politics.Overall, politics is such a sphere, which demands to be intelligent, creative and communicative, not depending if you are a man or women. Many states refuse women`s rights, however they are very successful, working hardly and achieving their aims. To my opinion, full equality should be established in relationships of men and women, as it can support peace and harmony in society.

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