Women Today, Tomorrow And The Future

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Women Today, Tomorrow and the Future
Society has many imperfections. It oppresses people and causes them to think only in the ways it approves of. Society causes generalizations to become into a reality. In Night to His Day: The Social Construction of Gender, Respected Scholar, Judith Lorber discusses the importance society places on the issue of gender. She talks about how society contributes to assigning gender. Society sets guidelines from what we should expect from women. People are not objects with roles and should not be chosen by another gender or by society. Respected author Alan Johnson believes in the same thing but concentrates on the idea of personal identity and fulfillment in ...view middle of the document...

Johnson states in Privilege, Oppression & Difference how that there is a form of privilege called “conferred dominance” where one role always goes a step further to have power over another “This is commonly seen in men controlling conversations with women… there will always be a cultural assumption that men are supposed to dominate women” (Johnson 23). No women should be controlled in a conversation with a man. In this commercial, the husband shouts over top of his wife when asking for the pizza and then hangs up on her after he demands his wife to make it the way he liked it. This commercial also ties very well with the main ideas discussed in Beauvior’s text titled, The Second Sex: Introduction and Lorber’s text titled, The Social Construction of Gender. This commercial resembles how Beauvoir discusses gender: “man defines woman not in herself but as relative to him” (Beauvoir 33). Her existence is dependent on serving men instead of being dependent to do the tasks she enjoys because she may feel pressured to conform to his expectations. Lorber’s belief that gender “creates the social difference that define woman and man” because people “learn what is expected… this simultaneously construct and maintain the gender order (Lorber p.55). The construction is seen as the woman is expected to make the pizza for the men as she always does. After making the pizza, the woman retaliates by turning the sprinkler on the three men. The men have no reaction and continue to watch sport, as if they are oblivious to her existence. Their actions demonstrate the gender order Lorber addresses that men are seen as the supreme and the woman is only significant in service to men. Therefore, the woman is only defined according to men’s terms.
Another commercial that targets the female population is the Burger King “It’ll Blow Your Mind Away”, this ad is inappropriate and references as unappetizing not only for the company but oral sex as well. In this ad, a woman, is positioned and featured with her red lipstick which stands out the most on her face. The woman is very seducing with short bobbed hair cut which is not a typical look of a formal respectable woman. The “boy cut” gives her the representation of her personality; the model represents a woman that doesn’t want to conform to normality and rebel against society. The term “blow” is big and bold and because it’s the heading it’s the first word the audience is going to read and interpret in a sexual and inappropriate way. The image of a woman supposedly “blowing” on a long sandwich with the word “blow” written below is what attracts men. It is almost as though it is saying the only things men truly desire is this world are women, sex and food. Irrefutably, this ad has combined all three.
Unfortunately, as well this ad is also using sex to sell a product. What may not always be apparent to...

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