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Womens Rights Essay

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Kevin Blowers
Trenkle Period 8
Women’s Rights Paper
How did Rosa Parks have an impact on the Civil Rights Movement? Rosa Parks was a woman that had the courage to stand up to all the white versus black segregation, by refusing to move out of her seat for a white person when asked to. This act of courage influenced African Americans all around to stick up for themselves and to not stand for all the unnecessary segregation going on by the Jim Crow Laws. For her actions, Rosa Parks was remembered as one of the most important Civil Rights Movement activists. Rosa made a big impact for the movement from the actual incident that took place, the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and the trial, Browder vs. Gayle.
During the 1950’s there were many laws about segregating blacks and whites, one of them being that the first four ...view middle of the document...

The boycott lasted 381 days, Dozens of public buses stood idle for months, severely damaging the bus transit company's finances, until the law requiring segregation on public buses was lifted[2]. The boycott has gone down as one of the biggest, most successful movements against racial segregation, and even sparked other boycotts in other towns.
Soon after the boycott started, attorneys Fred Gray, and E.D. Nixon looked for an ideal case to challenge the constitutional legitimacy of bus segregation laws (Rosa Parks). Gray approached Aurelia Browder, Susie McDonald, Claudette Colvin and Mary Louise Smith, who were women who were tired of getting mistreated by the bus laws, these women agreed to become plaintiffs in a civil action lawsuit[3]. On February 1,1956, Gray issued the case Browder vs. Gayle, to the U.S. District Court to end bus segregation laws (Brodwer vs. Gayle). The case ended up showing bus segregation between blacks and whites restricted equal protection over the fourteenth amendment and ended up ending bus segregation forever in Montgomery.
In conclusion because of one little thing Rose Parks did, by not moving out of her seat, influenced so many people to stand up to the system of segregation. Rosa Parks was a huge activist in the Civil Rights Movement, and even influenced Martin Luther King Jr with all of his ideas in the Civil Rights Movement. Rosa Parks was able to get more than 40,000 people to not ride a bus for more than a year and stick up for their rights and ended up stopping all bus segregation in her town. Rosa Parks will never be forgotten and she will always be known as the mother of the Civil Rights Movement.
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