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Woodrow Wilson Washington Essay

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President Woodrow Wilson ranks up with Washington, Lincoln, Franklin and Theodore Roosevelt as one of the top five most important presidents in the history of the United States, a highly educated man with strong character, moral and religious values that lead this country on his own terms.
To understand how Woodrow Wilson’s character affected his actions as a politician, we have to understand how his life and the people in his life developed his character. In researching this paper I came across a story from Wilson’s childhood that could possibly give us an insight into his character. In Reverend Wilson’s hayloft, young Tommy Wilson was conducting a Lightfoot Club meeting, when the ...view middle of the document...

Lee (under guard) with Union solders marching through town after surrendering at the Appomattox Court House to end the Civil war, he also remembered seeing the devastation and poverty after the war.
During Woodrow’s youth public schools barely existed in the South, so most of his education he received was in primitive schools from former Confederate soldiers and his father, who put emphasis on British history, literature and religion, he also taught him the reasons for the South’s secession from the Union, his belief in God, that everything is God’s will and the value of daily prayer. In 1873 at the age of sixteen, Woodrow attended Davidson College (Charlotte, North Carolina) where he did extremely well in public speaking, effective writing, English, Latin and logic, but because of poor health was forced to quite school after only one year. In 1875, he attended Princeton University, as a History major he was very interested in his own in British history and extensively read about the subject, he also edited for the Princeton school newspaper (the Princetonian), contributed in the Liberal and American Whig debating clubs, wrote essays for the Nassau Literary Magazine and International Review and he also acted in school plays, and was the secretary and president of the baseball and football associations.
In the summer of 1879 he published “Cabinet Government in the United States” just after graduating 38th out of 167 students. After graduating from Princeton, Wilson attended law school at the University of Virginia, but in his second year he dropped out. Then in 1882 after moving to Atlanta, Wilson (after passing the Georgia bar exam) and a friend from the University of Virginia started a law practice where he practiced law for under a year before he getting bored and deciding to earn his Ph.D. by attending Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, studying political science and history, where his research and writing paid off when his thesis “Congressional Government: A Study in American Politics” (now an American political science classic) was published. In his thesis Wilson was critical of the Presidents after the Civil war and of a congressional control type of government, while in support of the British Parliamentary type of system, but by 1908 he would conclude that a strong President would able to lead just as successfully as a Prime Minister.
In 1885 at the age of 38, in his last year of graduate school, Wilson married Ellen Louise Axson, a woman with strong character, artistic and very sophisticated...

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