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The Family of WoodStock Paper
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November 3, 2014

Family of Woodstock
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The founders of Family of Woodstock organization was established in 1970, the Woodstock received its name from a small town. In the town they would have festivals which would attract a large crowd of young people, this brought instant fame to towns surrounding Woodstock and that started the gatherings. Many young people would hitch hike and spend all of their funds they had to get there causing them to in turn, be left out with no food or shelter (Burger, 2011). The main goal for human service was to provide a confidential and fully accessible intervention for crisis, prevention, resources, and support services while being able to utilize the network of volunteers that helped expand strength based programs which allowed individuals to be healthier. Also ...view middle of the document...

Women and men who are in the process of recovery end up having access to nineteen beds within the shelter. Those families that are struggling and cannot afford to have a roof over their heads have the option to stay at the twenty-seven bed Family Inn, so that they don’t have to sleep in their cars or they don’t have to sleep on the streets at night. What is nice is that they recognize the immediate need for women and children who have been battered and they give immediate shelter, those who have been through abuse do have immediate access to seventeen beds through a domestic violence shelter. The services that they provide does extend to living programs that have been supervised through sites for adolescents and care programs for advocates for children, elderly, HIV/AIDS, abusers, and those individuals in jail. The founder Gail Varsi, ended up giving the local police a hot line so that she could be contacted at any time. (Gibbons, 10). Until this day this number is in affect and is the number to the initial walk in center. The organizations development and growth for the programs provided actually came from the volunteer work from Gail Varsi, Michael Berg and eight other members of the committee. (Gibbons, 10).
The organization that is charity is also authorized by Family Court to provide parents with supervised visitation who have lost custody of their children, and have to go through steps to get their children back. Family of Woodstock individuals are trained and skilled and are trained professionals to not pass any type of judgment upon those who they are trying to help and try their best not to tell them what they can and cannot do. The company is there to listen what individuals are saying and understand what people truly need and are there to offer advice when needed.
The values, attitudes and beliefs have increasingly changed within the last forty years. Though there has been changes they have maintained the three concepts which help families and continue to help service the community and its residents.



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